Summer 2020- Weight Loss Regime You Should Be Following

Summer 2020- Weight Loss Regime You Should Be Following

The summer season 2020 is almost around the corner and we’re all excited about sun-basking, swimming, running and go camping. Besides, if you are reading this blog, well done! you’ve made a great decision to embrace health. If you are bored being in front of your television and are finally willing to go for all the Summer fun, get up and get you a quick-fit summer body.

There are only a few reasons behind our imperfect body shape such as Lifestyle, Genetics Metabolism, and Eating habits. In addition, diseases like thyroid, Steroid treatment, Stress, and Fluid retention, etc. also cause weight gain. By putting control and healthy restrictions, you can also have a perfect body shape. So, dive in and learn what are some best and simple ways to lose weight

Hydration is the Key to Weight Loss

There is one evergreen rule of weight loss, drink plenty. Beating the dehydration is the best way to upkeep a routine of losing weight. However, don’t act jostle. Little by little, increase your hydrating habits. In addition to beaches, the summer season bestows us chances to sip great beverages like lemonade, beet juice, and mango shakes. So, lesser the amount of sugar in your beverages and sip as much as you please.

Alongside this, adapt habit of physical activity. Don’t hustle all of a sudden. Gradually, make a routine for exercise. However, be persistent. It is the key element that would take you to a summer fit body.

If you have a strict schedule and you can’t manage a gym routine, practice at home. Click here for a few tips.

Sipping Green Tea and Dipping In Juice

Tea is life and Coffee is the amusement of the day. Yet, to make your Summer 2020 healthier than your past years quit your cups of tea and coffee. Rather, replace the tea bags and coffee pots with healthy green tea. People believe in a strange myth that green tea cuts fat. Duh! it is not true. Green tea enhances metabolism. It is one of the healthiest beverages to sip in any season. It improves brain function, helps in burning fat when you perform a strict exercise routine, and lowers the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s & cancer.

The juice is a treat for people who are on a diet. Sweety, refreshing, healthy and yet tasty. Especially, orange is miraculously amazing. Amalgamated with its delectable taste it has numerous health benefits. Eating orange in the morning helps the body to retain all kinds of calcium. Besides, you can also eat Avocado, apricot, Kiwi, berries, pineapple, beetroot, etc. Moreover, if you wish you can eat any fruit or vegetable as a replacement of juice it offers equal benefits.

Summer 2020 Diet

Summer 2020 Diet

The first rule of a healthy diet plan is you must take quick meals. In addition to this, always start your day with a good and healthy meal. For instance-

Summer 2020 Healthy Breakfast for Vegetarians-

  • Oats, Sweet potato, and Banana or Avocado.
  • One or two slices of whole-grain toast along with natural peanut butter.
  • Fruit smoothies and soy milk and yogurt.
  • Salad and juice.
  • Lentil spaghetti bolognese.
  • Muesli with milk, and yogurt.
  • Dried fruits and nuts.

Summer 2020 Healthy Breakfast for Non-vegetarians-

  • Eggs and Banana.
  • Boiled eggs with Orange juice.
  • Vegetable Omelet.
  • Boiled chicken and milk.
  • Shake of milk mixed with eggs, chicken, dry fruits, peanut butter.

Astrological Tips to Lose Weight

  • To lose weight, consume warm water right after your meal.
  • Planet Jupiter, Venus, and Moon govern a native’s weight. Thus, to have a strong position of these planets, avert eating cold food.
  • Yogurt has many health benefits. However, it is cold. Thus, drink buttermilk as a replacement.
  • Take a few “Tez-Patta” with a bit of turmeric. Further, boil 4 glasses of water until you have only one glass of water left over. Next, add 1 spoon of honey and drink. It helps you to make your Jupiter strong.
  • Put some “Medohar” in warm water and consume it thrice a day. It is an unfailing remedy for Venus.
  • Eat papaya every day. It supports in both Medical and Astrological ways.
  • Furthermore, stop wearing too much gold.
  • Avoid eating white rice that has Maadh. Instead, use boiled rice and put some salt while cooking it. Additionally, don’t oversleep or undersleep. Allow your body all the necessary rest.
  • Eat Triphala before you go to bed.
  • Moreover, to strengthen your Moon, perform Pranayam and breathing exercises in the morning. It works best.

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