Weirdest Questions that Your Relatives Would Have Asked You


You might already picture a wacky, intolerable and yet funny face as I say, DESI RELATIVES. Similar to any soon to be a Millenial, I’ve already quit on the least of my enthusiasm to see my relatives. Be it a marriage function or a casual gettogether, a few of the Indian relatives out of nowhere, bump into us with a bucket of weirdest questions. Thus, to avert the mental pressure amalgamated with awful judgments, I am one of those cousins of the family that doesn’t show up AT ALL.

In my childhood, I believed, the family and relatives are about love. Hmm!! Yeah, they are. Often. However, they time and again come up with horrifying questions that do nothing but add pressure. Which is not fair.

I am quite sure that you must’ve at least once been through such a situation. Therefore, you are here to see if you can relate. Interesting. Scroll down, and dive in the laughter remembering the situations you have been into.

Science or Commerce?

And I said, “Art it is.” Duh! I was in Commerce, though.

Asking people if Science is better or Commerce or Art is more like asking if they should eat apple or orange. Well, one is for technologies, second is for the economy and third is for all the creative sections. To be specific, it is all interrelated. Yet, in India, choosing Commerce or Art over Science is a freaking taboo. Here, people would actually laugh at you for your distinctive career choices rather than appreciating it.

Don’t worry. When you climb the ladder, people are ready to pull you down. So, it doesn’t matter enough these days. Regardless of the judgments and concern of Pados wali Aunty, every doer gets what they endeavor for.

How Much Money Do You Make?

Kitna kama lete ho?” Doesn’t it sound like the favorite to them?

Weirdest Questions

In my mind, I am like “my money is my matter aunty”. Outside my humbleness offer statement, “not much aunty I am looking for good opportunities”.

Your wallet is a great issue. Especially, if you live away from your family specifically for doing a job of your choice, then your fat-wallet becomes a big deal. I might sound frustrating, but I am talking facts. If you are doing a job and their kids are not, even then, your purse must have a heavyweight to shut their slamming giggles for your job.

Afterward, their list follows queries on your cooking skills, living standards, and neighborhood.

Mujhe Pehchante Ho? Do You Remember Me?

Not just it is one of the weirdest questions, but also all those uncles and aunties are equally weird. I mean, if knew you, why would you even need to ask? Further, you have to ask your core memory if they exist anywhere. Well, I never really found any such person in my memory lane.

Oh! and also their subject of concern includes “are you drinking too much tea? You are getting tan.” “Are you on meds? You are getting fat”. “Woh kal Ladki kaun thi?”. “Kal kisi ladke ke sath ghoom rahe the?”. Damn! such concern. I am all tears (with anger).

Turning 24, Isn’t It Getting Late for Marriage?

Whether or not you are settled in your life, our marriage is the prime concern of relatives. Stumble upon them in a wedding’s food section, they’ll eat their snack and use questions like hey you are turning 24 are you looking for someone to marry to add flavor on their plates.

Queries such as Shadi Kab Kar Rahe? (When are you getting married?) Ab aage kya karoge? (So, what’s next?) Aree is job me kya rakha hai? (What would you benefit through this job)

Wedding and happy space is a dream of every person. Alongside this, they have a specific part reserved for that. Well, why would relatives miss their big treats of marriage just because you have some life plan? Huh!!

Drop your thoughts in the comment section if you can relate to this blog. Also, tell us your story. GET A CHANCE TO WIN FREE ASTROLOGY CONSULTATION.

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