Sun Transit in Aries- These 3 Zodiac Sign will be Lucky During the Transit

Sun Transit in Aries- These 3 Zodiac Sign will be Lucky During the Transit

Did you know a slight shift or movement of planets brings a huge difference in your life? The word transit means a particular movement of a planet. In Vedic Astrology, planets are wanderers. They travel from one sign to another in specific time duration. The planetary transit is one of the most fluctuating and influencing astrological events that place regularly. It has both positive as well as negative impacts on one’s life. These effects are related to the life aspect the particular planet affects in accordance with the house of the birth chart the planet transits into. The upcoming transit i.e. Sun Transit in Aries will take place on 13th April.

Sun completes the transit from one Sign to another in a time span of a month. Thus, it completes the entire circle in a year.

Currently, Sun is in the Water Sign Pisces. This transit affects directly your spending abilities and urges. However, Sun is all set to transit in the Fire Sign Aries. Being a part of the fiery element, it makes people aggressive. Nonetheless, it brings several auspicious results. Significantly, this transit will draw immensely favorable results for three signs. Let’s take a look who they are-

Sun Transit in Aries- Impact on Gemini/मिथुन

Gemini, a sign most popular for their witty humor and talking skills. Under the rule of Mercury, these people are blessed with confidence, skills, valor, and dexterity.

For Gemini, the mighty Sun will enter their 11th House which, in Vedic Astrology is the house of wealth, income, financial benefits, and fame. This house is also regarded as the Labha House. As the Sun transit in their house of gain, it will bring numerous financial gains. There will be a hike, promotions, raise in terms of money. In addition to this, for Geminis, their current job/occupation or business will bring beneficial outcomes. There might be some issues in the workplace. However, their skills will serve well to lead their way out of problems.

The fame will rise and they will gain respect in society. There might come some highs and lows. However, things won’t upset them. In their personal life, they will connect well with their family, siblings, friends as well as the partner. An atmosphere of bliss and joy will fill their lives with happiness.

Sun Transit in Aries– Impact on Cancer

Cancer is a sign well-known for its emotional tendencies, protective, loyal intuitive, and caring behavior. Under the rule of Moon, these people are blessed with abilities to feel deep, vision high and love beyond imaginations.

For Cancerians, Sun will enter their 10th House. It is the house of career, occupation, status, designation, and father. Often this house is regarded as the Career house in Astrology. This transit will bring numerous benefits for you. There are several monetary gains coming to your way. Your professional life will shine bright and your seniors, colleagues will appreciate your efforts at work. Significantly, your life at your workplace will improve than in previous years. Your hard work and skills will help you grab a promotion or hike. It will add to your respect among people. However, it can generate an ego issue in your nature. Thus, you will have to halt your ego.

In terms of your professional life, there will be an immense joy. You will be happy and content. However, your father’s health will have you worried for a while.

Sun Transit in Aries- Impact on Leo/सिंह

Leos are like fire. They are famous for their determination, discipline, and enthusiastic nature. For Leos, the vigorous and imperial planet Sun is their Ruling lord. Thus, the Sun Transit in Aries will affect them more than any other sign.

Sun will transit in their 9th House which represents charitable instinct, good karma, dharma, ethics, higher education, instincts for religion, good luck, and good deeds. This transit will bring several positive news for them. There will be lots of pleasure, joy, and bliss. They will perform great at their work. Additionally, they will get a due appreciation for their work. They may take numerous work and personal trips to beautiful destinations. As it is the house of religious pilgrimages too. They might take a religious trip.

During the Sun transit in Aries, fate will favor you in all the terms. There will be financial gain and monetary benefit at business or profession. Besides, the 9th house signifies donations and charity, thus, they will perform several donations.

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