Sun transit in Cancer 2022: Impact on the zodiac signs

Sun transit in Cancer 2022

Planet Sun is known as the planet of heat and light. People believe that if there had been no sunlight, the Earth would have been a big black hole. Therefore, according to Vedic astrology, Sun is the supreme of all life forms and represents the soul of the person. Sun is the father of all planets and governs people of high authority and status. Sun in astrology illustrates the forms of government and council of ministers. Moreover, according to numerology, it represents the number 1 in numerology. Sun transit in Cancer 2022 will occur in July 2022.

Let us read in detail about this Surya Gochar 2022 in the Cancer zodiac sign.

Sun transit in Cancer 2022: Date and timings

The fiery planet is known as the factor of the father. A well-positioned Sun would benefit the native in multiple ways. In July 2022, Sun will transit from the dual sign. It will move in the moon sign of its friend, i.e., Cancer. This combination of fire and water possesses the potential to bring about huge changes in the life of the native.

The transit of Sun in Cancer 2022 will occur on July 16 at 10:50 pm. And the Sun will remain in this sign till August 17, 2022, at 7.14 am.

Sun transit in Cancer 2022: Impacts on the zodiac signs

1. Aries

In the people of Aries, the Sun is the lord of the fifth house of love, romance, and children. With the planetary transit in July 2022, it will transit in the fourth house of happiness and comfort. Sun transit in Cancer 2022 will bring favorable results.

  • Planet Sun will shower its blessings in professional life, especially those in government departments. You will achieve growth and success during this period.
  • Those looking for higher post jobs should try during this time as there are chances of getting the desired post.
  • This 2022 planetary transit will also bring success for businessmen and women with the Aries zodiac sign. Native shall develop their reputation in the market and create a monopoly for their products.
  • Natives will remain energetic and aggressive in their personal life. They might face some conflicts in their family, which will be disappointing.
  • For people who are planning to invest in some kind of property for personal use, time is favorable as they shall score a good deal.
  • During Sun transit in Cancer 2022, Aries natives need to be careful in terms of health as they shall become prone to heat stroke, cholesterol problems, and acidity.

Remedy: Chant Gayatri Mantra 108 times every morning.

2. Taurus

For the people of the Taurus zodiac sign, Sun is the lord of the fourth house of land and property. During 2022 Sun transit, it will be in the third house of communication and siblings. As a result, the period will bring strength and vitality to you.

  • In terms of professional life, salaried people are likely to change their jobs or get transfers during this period. Basically, a change of place of work is on the cards for some of the Taurus men and women.
  • Business owners will do their best to implement new strategies for marketing and selling their products. In all, they shall get success in your endeavors.
  • Natives with the Taurus zodiac sign shall create a stable position in the market. Those who are associated with sports will benefit greatly during this time.
  • On the personal front, Taurus people will be confident and fearless in making decisions. However, on the other hand, natives may lack communication with loved ones, due to which they may get hurt at times.
  • During the Sun transit in Cancer 2022, there are some possibilities that the natives shall go on a short adventure trip with friends and acquaintances.

Remedy: Natives must take the blessings of their father before leaving the house.

3. Gemini

For Gemini men and women, the planet Sun is the lord of the third house of power, travels, and siblings. During planetary transit 2022, it would affect the second house of wealth, family, and speech. Financially, this time will be beneficial for Gemini natives.

  • Professionally, the period would be great for the natives and bring salary increases and good incentives. Those working on government projects may expect some good gains during this period.
  • During Sun transit in Cancer 2022, natives shall also gain some money with the help of friends. Also, there is a possibility of getting back some money stuck in the past.
  • In personal life, the planetary transit will bring some lack of vitality and vigor. Gemini men and women will be straight in their words. Because of it, some natives may face conflicts and fights in the house.
  • However, on the other hand, some of you might become prone to eye problems and mouth ulcers, so stay careful in eating and drinking.

Remedy: Feed wheat and jaggery to cows daily.

4. Cancer

For people of the Cancer zodiac sign, the Sun is the lord of the second house of family and finance. During this transit period 2022, Sun will transit through the first house of these people. As an impact, it will be a favorable time for the people.

  • Some of the natives can expect promotion and upliftment in their designation. Moreover, Cancer natives trying to get through government services shall be lucky.
  • Also, the business owners with the Cancer sign will be in a commanding position and determine the conditions for their work. Those associated with the family business shall enjoy an auspicious time and make a good profit.
  • In personal life, natives shall become soft in their dealings with loved ones, and nature will also be warm. However, on the other hand, natives might get anxious or impatient over small things.
  • Ahead, as a result of Sun transit in 2022, Cancer men and women shall be sensitive towards their families and try to impose restrictions on the family members.
  • Also, natives would work towards their goals with passion and have the vision to achieve more.
  • In terms of health, natives may feel restless and suffer from the problem of BP and anxiety.

Remedy: At sunrise, offer water to the Sun in a copper vessel with kumkum in it.

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5. Leo

For Leo natives, Sun is the lord of this sign. It would transit in the twelfth house of expenditure, loss, and foreign land. Acting vital for the Leo natives, this transit of planet will be helpful professionally, along with some other aspects of life.

  • Folks working with foreign clients or working in multinational companies shall see a profitable period. They would secure good business for their company from international clients.
  • It will bring the Leo men and women appreciation and gifts in cash and kind. But for business owners, it is advisable to be cautious as their competitors shall try to tarnish their image with negative publicity.
  • People involved in the export industry can expect some growth in their business with an increase in the number of orders.
  • In personal life, Leo natives shall make some travel plans which will be tiring instead of relaxing. However, on the other hand, it is advisable that natives must take care of their belongings during this period as the chances of theft or loss of goods are high.
  • Health-wise, the Sun transit in Cancer 2022 might make the natives feel low in immunity and stamina. Therefore, natives must keep up with a healthy and proper diet.

Remedy: Chant “Om Suryay Namah” 108 times every morning.

6. Virgo

For Virgo people, the planet Sun is the lord of loss and travel in your twelfth house. During Sun transit in Cancer 2022, it will move into the eleventh house of your gains. It would bring auspicious results to the natives of the Virgo zodiac sign.

  • In professional life, time will be favorable for those hoping for a job in the public sector. Employees working as environmentalists and philanthropists will also get some recognition.
  • Business people with the Virgo zodiac sign are advised to be careful. It is because the time would be too risky to make any new investment. On the other hand, the diversion of resources and diversification of the products will work well during this period.
  • In the personal life, the Sun transit in Cancer 2022 will make the natives the limelight amongst all. Also, people would become better at socializing and making new friends.
  • As per the planetary transit 2022 predictions, the time won’t be favorable for lovers as there may be heated arguments and disputes between them.
  • Health-wise, Virgo natives have to be careful in their diet plans, as natives may face digestive problems.

Remedy: Read the story of Lord Rama and recite the verses of Ramcharitmanas.

7. Libra

For Libra natives, Sun is the lord of their eleventh house of income and profit. During 2022 Sun transit in the Cancer zodiac sign would occur in the tenth house of profession and deeds. Here Sun gets Digbal. Thus, it would give the natives extraordinary results.

  • This planetary transit in 2022 will bring quick success for those planning to start afresh. Service people would get praise and fame in their organization. Also, business people will get prestige and fame in their business.
  • Surya Gochar 2022 would also be favorable for starting new strategies for marketing and sales. Libra men and women will meet official people. Also, with their help, natives will earn profits and gains.
  • In personal life, Libra natives would do well. They shall have good relations with their father on the personal front. Also, natives would get his support in all their endeavors.
  • Further, as per the predictions, time would be favorable for the natives who wish to buy a vehicle during this period.

Remedy: Donate jaggery and wheat flour in the temple.

8. Scorpio

For Scorpio, Sun is the lord of the tenth house of work and profession. The time when Sun transit in Cancer 2022 will occur, it would enter your Moon sign in the ninth house of Dharma and fortune during this period. It would act as an auspicious planetary transit for Scorpio natives, bringing luck and prosperity to their lives.

  • Professionally, natives would perform well. Moreover, if natives wish to change their jobs, the transit would be favorable for the same.
  • Moreover, freshers searching for a job for themselves would seek success in the same. Scorpio natives involved in the real estate and travel industry will experience growth in their performance.
  • There are strong possibilities of attaining success via investment in land for commercial purposes.
  • With Sun transit in Cancer, 2022 Scorpio men and women would attract a good reputation and fame in personal life. There are even possibilities that natives shall go on a family trip to a place of spiritual origin.
  • Moreover, natives would associate with a charitable and non-profit organizations.

Remedy: Offer food to Brahmins or priests on Sundays.

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9. Sagittarius

For the Sagittarius zodiac sign, the planet Sun rules the ninth house of fame and fortune. When Surya Gochar 2022 will occur in the Cancer zodiac sign, it will affect the eighth house of succession and dissonance.

  • For Sagittarius men and women, professionally, the risk factor will be high during this period. Thus, natives into any speculative business must stay careful.
  • Furthermore, earning and working professionals might possess some insecurity related to their job. Thus, Sagittarius natives must remain careful in dealing with their superiors. Also, they must stay away from dirty politics or conspiracy in their workplace.
  • Personally, this planetary transit 2022 will act beneficial for researchers and those doing Ph.D. Their in-depth research and observations will bring them auspicious results.
  • Moreover, Sun transit in Cancer 2022 will also be favorable for those who have an inclination to occult science as they shall learn some new things.

Remedy: Recite Aditya Hriday Stotra to uplift your energy and get power.

10. Capricorn

For the natives with the Capricorn zodiac sign, Sun is the lord of the eighth house of transition and depth. During this transit, it will move into the seventh house of partnerships and marriage. As a result, Capricorn natives shall see ups and downs in their personal life.

  • Professionally, this period will bring uncertainty to those who are in business, especially if they are in partnership firms. Thus, our astrologers advise the Capricorn natives to be cautious as their enemies will try to degrade their public image.
  • Capricorn men and women in the mining or insurance industry will have a comparatively better period. However, these natives might face some hurdles due to the indifferent behavior of their superiors.
  • Regarding personal life, the Sun transit in Cancer 2022 may bring some conflicts. Couples who are married might go through quarrels and arguments in their life.
  • Ahead, the planetary transit prediction 2022 foretells that Capricorn natives might confront disappointment with their partner’s attitude. Also, single people must wait as this period will not bring their best interests and resolutions.

Remedy: Recite Hanuman Chalisa every morning and evening.

11. Aquarius

For the people with the Aquarius zodiac sign, the planet Sun is the lord of the seventh house of marriage and partnership. During this 2022 planetary transit, Sun will move into the sixth house of competition, disease, and fighting during this period. As an impact, natives shall enjoy strength and dynamism in their lives.

  • Professionally, this period will encourage those into services like litigation, judiciary, and tax department. However, on the other hand, businessmen and women need to be careful as borrowing money for development or expansion will not be fruitful.
  • Aquarius natives involved in government services would enjoy a great time possessing a command over their strengths and other aspects of their lives.
  • Ahead, with Sun transit in Cancer 2022, in personal life, Aquarius people shall see some mixed results. Married couples might face some distance in their relationship due to travel plans or the poor health of the spouse.
  • Aquarius men and women involved in the love and relationship sector must also stay careful as there may be frequent fights and conflicts with their beloved.

Remedy: Donate red clothes to the temple on Sunday.

12. Pisces

For Pisces people, Sun rules over the sixth house of service, competition. It will transit in the fifth house of children, love, and romance. As a result, this 2022 Surya Gochar shall bring mixed results for the natives with the Pisces zodiac sign.

  • In professional life, natives having their own business may face some ups and downs. Any investment during this period can put Pisces natives in debt.
  • However, on the other hand, the Sun transit in Cancer 2022 says that the time would be sturdy for those in the field of education as they shall get their dream job.
  • Ahead, the prediction says that the time will be favorable for students who are job aspirants. They will pass each exam with flying colors. There are strong chances of getting some placement offers for the fresher students.
  • However, on the other hand, the Surya Gochar 2022 might not act favorably on the love life of Pisces men and women. During this time, married couples shall also see their relationship facing conflicts with their children.

Remedy: Donate white clothes to the needy on Sundays.

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