Sun transit in Taurus on May 14 – How it will affect your zodiac sign

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The mightiness and significance of the planet Sun is renowned in astrology. Also called the King of the nine planets, the planet Sun can influence one’s life in ways no one can ever imagine. 

In astrology, the planet Sun represents the father, authority, power and health of the person. So automatically, the favourable position of the planet in your horoscope can bring you an abundance of prosperity and luck of good health, which currently seems to be a priority. This is why the Sun transit in Taurus on May 14 becomes crucial for all the zodiac signs.

For the unaware, the Zodiac Sign Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. The planet Sun and Venus are not the best of friends. So, the interaction of two enemy planets can surely bring its own sort of problems. However, not everything is dull and grey as the interaction will bring some positivity too. What could that be you might wonder? Well, let this blog tell you how the Sun Transit in Taurus will affect your zodiac sign.

The transit of the Sun in the Taurus sign will begin on 14 May 2021 from 11:15 PM to continue till 15 June 2021, 05:49 AM. The predictions here are based on your Moon sign

Sun Transit in Taurus for Aries Sign

For Aries, the planet Sun will transit in the 2nd house, which is the house of wealth, family and communication. In terms of wealth, the Aries natives will see financial prosperity as new investment opportunities will open. If you find it difficult to save money, this is a good time to learn that virtue for yourself. Anyone who has been wanting to get married can consider the Sun Transit in Taurus period (14 May 2021 – 15 June 2021). In terms of family, some of you might have to deal with conflicts. It is best you avoid arguments and not let misunderstandings develop at any cost. Healthwise, you should be cautious as minor issues around your chest area can develop into something bigger in no time. Try to not stress yourself out and be kind towards animals. 

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Sun Transit in Taurus for Taurus Sign

The planet Sun will transit in the 1st house in astrology for the Taurus natives. The first house is the house of self. Despite the unmatchable energy that Sun transit in Taurus brings for you, yet you will also experience some health woes. The Taurus native needs to take care of the upper body, especially their heart and stomach. Anyone planning a wedding must ensure they make a detailed plan about the expenses. The presence of the Sun can heighten your expenses very easily during the transit period. You can consider a small sustainable wedding to cut costs. Careerwise, the Taurus natives will have to work harder to impress their boss to secure their position in the job. Business natives will be able to find themselves a good deal. As this is the Taurus period, lovemaking between couples would be phenomenal. 

Sun Transit in Taurus for Gemini Sign

For the Gemini natives, the planet Sun will transit in the 12th house. The 12th house in astrology is the house of foreign gains, loss, expenditure and spiritual activities. The Sun transit in Taurus in terms of financial gain is going to be minimal. It is better you don’t invest in any major business deal during the transition period. You also need to rein your expenditure as they could pile up quickly for you. Those students looking for admission at foreign schools and universities will be lucky. In a relationship, you are to see a surge in romance. This is a good time to plan a baby if you have been wanting to. Couples who struggle at understanding each other must spend more time together as it will help them build a long-lasting relationship owing to the influence of Venus. 

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Sun Transit in Taurus for Cancer Sign

The mightiness of the planet Sun will transit in the 11th house of the Cancer zodiac sign. The 11th house in astrology is the house of income, desire and profits. Surely the planet Sun will help the Cancer native with finances, however, you will have to make efforts and take the opportunities for yourself and not procrastinate about them. Investing in the stock market can be beneficial for you. Healthwise, you can expect physical stability and great mental health. To improve it further, you can plan a trip with your spouse. This is because the Sun influence in the 5th house of love is not so favourable, and you will have to work harder to make your relationship work. Students preparing for government exams will find it difficult to focus.

Sun Transit in Taurus for Leo Sign

The 10th house in astrology is what the Sun will transit in for the Leo natives. The 10th house in astrology is the house of career, name and fame. The Sun transit in Taurus, from May 14, 2021 to June 15, 2021, is one of the best times for the Leo natives in 2021 across all domains. In terms of career, this is a good time to focus on your desk job as Sun, as a Guru, will bestow you with innovative ideas. This is also a good time to apply for a foreign job as the chances of you getting it for yourself are higher. Meanwhile, you will be inspired to spend more time with your family members. Unmarried couples can take the month to announce their relationship to their respective families. Bringing a Tulsi plant at home and worshipping Sun in the morning will increase productivity.

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Sun Transit in Taurus for Virgo Sign

Sun will transit in the 9th house in astrology for the Virgo natives. The 9th house in astrology is the house of spirituality, higher studies and international journeys. In terms of spiritualism, the Virgo native would feel more inclined towards God and her ways. Though there won’t be any major financial gain for you, however, if you are associated with any sort of foreign business, you are to experience higher prospects of making a profit from your investments. Moreover, during the transit period, you could get stressed about your future, which is something that will distract you from your day to day activities. We suggest not to overthink stuff and focus on doing what you can do best for the best results. In terms of career, this will be a good period if you can keep yourself healthy.

Sun Transit in Taurus for Libra Sign

The planet Sun will transit in the 8th house of the Libra Moon natives. The 8th house in astrology is the house of sudden losses and gains, research and transformations. Your mental stability during the Sun transit in Taurus could take a toll, which will lead to you not being able to make the best financial decisions. Thus is advised you take multiple opinions before getting into a financial deal for yourself. Leo women might have to deal with period-related issues thus take care of that end. The relationship with your in-laws may turn sour and so could with your spouse. It is recommended to not let your ego come between your relationship or the results could be catastrophic. Offering water to Sun every day and bowing down to the Sun Lord facing the east direction before sunrise will be beneficial for you.

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Sun Transit in Taurus for Scorpio Sign

The planet Sun will transit through the seventh house. The 7th house in astrology is the house of marriage, trade, partnership. During the transit period, the relationship you share with your partner will improve and you two will have more love to share. If your partner is a Taurus Moon, the Sun transit in Taurus on May 14 will impart intimacy in your relationship. The period of transit, however, is not the best in terms of financial gains if you are in a desk job. So try to save up whatever you can. Meanwhile, one in business can expect profit starting June. This will be a good period to sign new contracts. Healthwise, you might feel low on energy. Invest in exercising and Yoga for long term benefits.

Sun Transit in Taurus for Sagittarius Sign

The Sun will transit in the sixth house for the Sagittarius moon. The sixth house in astrology is the house of daily debts, enemies and wages. During the transit, you will be guarded against your enemies. The time, however, would be tough for both business and desk job individuals as both will have to work harder to see some gains for themselves. With that being said, no major gains, financially are expected to surprise you. During the transit period, try not to get irritated and don’t take decisions in a hurry as it could worsen the situation for you. If you live with your parents, arguments are suspected. Pay attention to your health, especially around the digestive system area.

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Sun Transit in Taurus for Capricorn Sign

For the Capricorn Moon, the Sun will transit in the fifth house. The fifth house in astrology is the house of love, romance, child and education. The sun is the lord of the eighth house and his presence in the fifth house will add to the health problems of the Capricorn natives. Financially too, it is advised that you save money for yourself as it will bring you assurance from the uncertainties of the future that you usually get scared of. In love it is not the right time to take things forward, however, married life will bloom like never before. Both your and the health of your children will need special attention. To get rid of the harmful effects of the Sun transit in Taurus, it is advised that you respect your father and make a habit of getting up early. It will impart confidence in you. 

Sun Transit in Taurus for Aquarius Sign

For the Aquarius Moon, the planet Sun will transit in the fourth house. The fourth house in astrology is the house of immovable assets and mother. During the period of transit, getting into new partnerships will bring you profits in the long run. You will also be high on luck as the transit prosper, so you can expect things you once thought you wouldn’t get for yourself. In terms of your relationship with your mother, practice caution in what you say to her as it could hurt her. Try to lend a hand in helping her with domestic work. Some of you may see gains in terms of ancestral properties. Be wary of people with authority as they could harm you out of envy. Your health will remain average and you will feel like adopting a new hobby for yourself.

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Sun Transit in Taurus for Pisces Sign

For the Pisces Moon, the Sun will transit in the second house of astrology. The second house in astrology is the house of courage, short trips, sales, and siblings. As the period progresses, the Pisces native will feel energetic and see heightened dedication when it comes to accomplishing one’s goals. Students can use this period to set new goals for themselves and work towards achieving them. Moreover, if you have been wanting to tell your parents about something or someone, this is the right time as they will be supportive of you. A wonderful time to take lead in new projects and activities as you will be able to deliver the best results. You might face some issues with your health, so take care of that area in order to avoid any complications.

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