Tarot Weekly Prediction 03 September To 10 September 2023

Tarot Weekly Prediction 03 September To 10 September 2023 tarot card predictions


The week starts with the Three of Cups, indicating celebration and camaraderie. You might find yourself enjoying social gatherings and connecting with friends or family. Midweek, the Ace of Swords suggests a new beginning or a fresh perspective in a situation you’ve been contemplating. Towards the end of the week, the Ten of Pentacles brings a sense of stability and abundance in the material realm.


The Empress starts your week, symbolizing fertility and nurturing energy. This could be a great time for creative projects or tending to relationships. The Five of Pentacles in the middle of the week suggests a temporary setback, but remember that help is available if you seek it. The Page of Cups towards the weekend brings emotional exploration and a possible message related to your feelings.

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The Hierophant kicks off your week, indicating a focus on traditions and learning. This might be a good time to seek guidance from a mentor or explore a new area of study. The Seven of Swords midweek suggests a need for caution – be wary of deception or hidden motives. The Chariot towards the end of the week brings a burst of energy and determination to overcome challenges.


The Lovers card starts your week, highlighting choices and partnerships. You might need to make decisions that align with your values. The Four of Wands midweek signifies harmony and celebration – a great time for family bonding or enjoying achievements. The Knight of Swords towards the weekend suggests assertiveness and swift action.


The Sun card shines on your week, bringing positivity and success. This is a time of clarity and achievement in various aspects of your life. The Seven of Cups midweek advises you to prioritize and avoid getting lost in daydreams. The Queen of Pentacles towards the weekend embodies practicality and nurturing energy, encouraging you to care for yourself and others.


The Hermit starts your week, suggesting introspection and inner guidance. Take some time for self-reflection and seek answers from within. The Nine of Swords midweek may bring moments of anxiety, but remember that these worries are temporary. The Two of Cups towards the weekend signifies connection and harmony, whether in relationships or personal endeavors.


: The Justice card begins your week, indicating fairness and balance. You might find resolution in a situation that has been bothering you. The Six of Wands midweek brings recognition and victory – a great time to showcase your talents. The King of Swords towards the end of the week offers wisdom and clear communication.


The Death card starts your week, symbolizing transformation and new beginnings. Embrace change and let go of what no longer serves you. The Ten of Cups midweek signifies emotional fulfillment and harmony within relationships. The Ace of Pentacles towards the weekend brings opportunities in the material realm.

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The Temperance card kicks off your week, suggesting balance and moderation. This is a time to find harmony between different aspects of your life. The Eight of Swords midweek indicates feeling restricted, but remember that you have the power to change your perspective. The Nine of Pentacles towards the weekend highlights self-sufficiency and enjoying the fruits of your labor.


The Devil card starts your week, reminding you to be aware of temptations or unhealthy patterns. Focus on breaking free from limitations. The Ace of Cups midweek brings emotional renewal and a potential new connection. The Ten of Swords towards the weekend signifies the end of a challenging cycle and the opportunity for healing.


The Star card begins your week, bringing hope and inspiration. This is a time to have faith in the future and pursue your dreams. The Eight of Cups midweek suggests a period of transition – it’s okay to move on from situations that no longer resonate. The Five of Swords towards the weekend advises you to choose your battles wisely.


The Moon card starts your week, indicating intuition and hidden truths. Pay attention to your instincts and be open to receiving insights. The Nine of Cups midweek brings emotional satisfaction and contentment. The Three of Swords towards the end of the week suggests healing from past hurts and embracing the power of vulnerability.

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