The connection between your age and the planets

The connection between your age and the planets

The planets and stars are believed to dot out the plans of God. There’s no better boat than the planets and stars to help a man cross the sea of life. We all are connected to the universe and hence planets have a significant effect on human lives. These nine planets play a crucial rule in astrology. They can bless one with health, prosperity, education, etc. But do you know your age has a connection with the planets? In this article, we will get to know the influence of the planets in the different years of one’s life.

Jupiter (Brihaspati)

The sweet sixteenth year of one’s life is the year of this planet. It leaves its effects on an individual’s life during this year. The sixteenth year of one’s age is said to be the most crucial one. It can either make one’s life or completely destroy it. Moreover, one also gains education and moral values at this age. The individual, having this planet in the fourth house in the sixteenth year of his age is believed to be quite lucky and fortunate. However, if the Jupiter planet is in the Sixth house then it may lead to negative effects.

Sun (Ravi)

The twenty-second year of one’s life is said to be the year of planet Sun. The exalted sun in one’s horoscope is said to give positive outcomes and successful life. On the other hand, the counter position may lead to negative results.

Moon (Chandra)

The planet Moon is significant in the twenty-fourth year of one’s life. The native, having the exalted moon,  is the favorite child of his or her mother and receives tremendous love and blessings. On the contrary, the debilitated moon may bring perverse outcomes.

Venus (Shukra)

The Venus planet is associated with the twenty-fifth year of one’s life. If this planet is well placed in one’s horoscope, he is fortunate enough to have a loyal wife. The wives of such individuals consider them as god and such people also attain happiness through materialistic things. Meanwhile, if not well placed, it may lead to disastrous outcomes.

Mars (Mangala)

The planet Mangala is the representative of aggression. Its effects are seen in the life of a person in the twenty-eighth year of his or her life. If it unfolds out to be good for a person, he is believed to be luckily related to matters like land and wealth.

Mercury (Budha)

The planet Budha shows its effects in the thirty-fourth year of one’s life. Under favorable conditions, It can bring prosperity in business or promotion in your job. It can also become a reason for one’s failure, if unfavorable.

Saturn (Shani)

The planet Saturn showers blessings in the thirty-sixth year of one’s life. It may solve one’s disputes and change things for better in the matters related to shop or land and can make one successful in politics as well. The negative influence of this planet may lead to opposite outcomes.

Planet Rahu

The effect of this planet cannot be specified as such. Under favorable conditions, it is associated with the forty-second year of an individual’s life and can make one the ruler. While, in the counter conditions, it’s malefic effect has the power to transform even the born ruler into a beggar. It can become the reason of one’s stress and anxiety.

Planet Ketu

The full impact of this planet is visible in the forty-sixth year of one’s life. If it is in one’s favor, the native is lucky to receive respect and love from his children and maternal uncle. Under unfavorable conditions, it can also be a cause of depression.

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