The Mental Age of Zodiac Signs according to Astrology

Mental Age of Zodiac Signs

Each zodiac sign has different personalities and traits. But, do you know each of them is represented by a specific age group? Even if two people are of the same age, they can never be in the same stage and are aged as per their zodiac. Lets read further the mental age of zodiac signs:


Their mental age is like one of a 1-7-year-old kid. Aries is actually like the kids in the zodiac. They are excited about everything as if they are doing it for the first time. You remember the people in commercials saying Oh! wow I wasn’t knowing it earlier. Aries is just like that. They see the world with wonder and awe. They are innocent, impulsive as well as naive and selfish.


Taurus has a mental age of life stage between childhood and adolescence. Their mental age is like that of a 7-14- year old one. They spend a lot of time thinking and get attracted to their possessions. They are always learning to control their surrounding environment and may find it a bit difficult.


Gemini represents the age group 14-21-year old. It is the time when adolescence meets adulthood. They are always looking up the ways to build a social structure and to break free from restrictions. Also, like crazy adolescents, Geminis are impulsive and change their persona with their dressing style or their hairstyle.


Cancer represents the mental age of a 21-28-year old. They are the young adults if the zodiac family trying to create a sense of security in career, home, and relations. Like a young adult, Cancer needs loyal and emotional friendships until they stabilize.


Leo is the representative of the mental age group 28-35. They showcase their real personality. Leo has grown the mark they put up in childhood to hide their true identity. They express their true identity and force on the world. Leo’s have the ability to value and express themselves highly developed.


The representative of the age group 35-42, Virgos are the mature adults if the zodiac. They are all about showing others and carrying out day to day activities of the home. They look out for those who need their help or advice and solve their issue in a responsible way.


Libras ate the mature adults passing through the midway if life. Hence they belong to the age group 42-49. They are fully developed and works best in partnership. However, most of them are unaware of how to function alone. They love melding with someone else to create harmony with others.


This zodiac is if the age between 49-56. It is the age of a true midlife crisis. They are working to grasp their fullest power and potential. Scorpio’s are working to become a dominant force in the world. They can either do it by creating g family or through their career.


Sagittarius represents the mental age group 56-63. This is the age when people have the capacity to move away from conformity and social norms. The person becomes independent of their family and devotes their time to the universe.


Capricorn is busy building security and structural support belonging to the group 63-70. This age represents a hardening of thoughts and ideas. They work hard to build things that last. Capricorn’s are the logical climbers who may take a pause to enjoy life but will soon resume reaching their highest potential.


Aquarius is all about social consciousness and humanitarianism. They represent the age of a 70-77- year old individual. Having reached old age, they again have childlike behavior. However, this zodiac is logical and intelligent. Their motive is to stay on the path and reach their destination soon. The mental age of zodiac signs differs that of Aquarius. Their childlike attitude is like a breath of fresh air in stressful situations.


The pieces represent the age group of 77-84-year-old one. This is the ultimate and the last zodiac sign. During this age, a person will go out of the earthly attachments and bring out valuable lessons of life.

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