The Power and Significance of chanting OM

The Power and Significance of chanting OM

Do you believe in God? How can you define God? Different people have different believes regarding the shape and form of God but all of them have a single founding principle. What we generally refer to as God is the source of creation! But, then the question arises, where is the source of creation? If we look at a seed, this seed grows with the help of the raw materials of the surroundings however the actual process of growth goes within only.

So, a concept such as a creator is creating something and the creator is within the created. This is the beauty of this universe. All the creations have their creator within themselves but not all are fortunate enough to comprehend this phenomenon. Of all the creatures, only humans are blessed and have the capability to be conscious of what’s going inside them. This is what all the sages and holy men try to make us realize. The holy scriptures on spirituality are trying to help us.

We all are completely aware of the fact that we are alive today is because we breathe. It indicates life. Known as Pranvayu in Sanskrit, it signifies the breath which keeps the life going. This force within us has all the aspects of creation, maintenance as well as destruction. The sounds attached to this divine force are aaa, uu, and mmm. These three are the root sounds and with it, any other could be created.


Close your eyes, take a deep breath and utter the sounds aa, uu, and mmm, You could feel a reverberation just below the navel, at the chest and above the throat. The yoga is completely based on these sounds which activate corresponding chakras inside the human’s body. The three sounds, aa, uu, and mmm when uttered together form the sound, OM. This universal sound has a special significance in Vedas as well. Hence, we can see the use of this sound in most of the mantras. It is believed in this divine sound, Aaa means Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe, Uuu means Lord Vishnu and Mmm means Lord Mahesha or Lord Shiva.

It is the combination of three powers and gives one inner peace. Even a dumb person can produce these sounds as it doesn’t require the use of a tongue and is the sound of the universe.

Benefits of Chanting OM

  • It helps in increasing one’s concentration. Getting you relief from your worries, this divine sound attaches you to the whole world.
  • It reduces anxiety and gives relief from stress. Also, it is a powerful form of meditation that helps you know yourself.
  • It makes one feel rejuvenated, pacifying the troubled heart.
  • Chanting this universal force, one can eliminate the production of toxins in their body as well.
  • The vibrations create positive vibes and improve the efficiency of the spinal cord.
  • It improves the functioning of the heart and digestive system.
  • This divine sound brings mental peace and emotional stability in one’s life.
  • It ensures sound sleep.
  • This force improves reasoning ability and reduces negative vibes.
  • It improves the overall metabolism of the body and makes one feel calm and relaxed.

The correct way of chanting OM

Om is a universal sound that exists in every word, being, or thing. Chanting this divine sound brings one peace and calmness but at the same time, it is also important to chant it in a proper way. One needs to set a time of the day for meditating. The morning and evening are believed to be the ideal time for chanting this sound. Film a silent, calm, and composed place and think what Om is symbolic of before chanting.

Be relaxed and breathe normally. Pronounce Om by blending all the three sounds. Try to draw the sound from your navel and allow the vibrations to rise up. This sound is highly beneficial if chanted either three or a hundred eight times. Chanting Om three times is the symbol of the three elements of nature or the three worlds of the soul while chanting it for one hundred and eight times establishes a connection with the Sun, Moon, and the Earth.

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