HBD Dhoni: The significance of number 7 in Dhoni’s life

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Dhoni and number 7 go hand in hand. We have seen our Captain Cool with a specific number t-shirt during his matches. Be it India one-day matches, test matches, or IPL matches, MS Dhoni usually wears a Number 7 T-shirt. The Indian ex-skipper has some connection with number 7? Is there any astrology connection with the same? Read below to find it out.

Widely known as one of the most successful captains for the Indian cricket team and IPL team, Dhoni has shown remarkable performance. With more of hard-work, focus, and dedication, we must not ignore the fact that Dhoni and number 7 are strongly connected with each other. It has been lucky for the ex-skipper as well as the players of the Indian cricket team and got trophies and tiles in their pockets multiple times.

Number 7 in Numerology

Speaking of the number 7, it is considered a highly auspicious number as per numerology. No wonder people consider incorporating this number in their lives during their important works. 

  • Number 7 is for positivity: Not only number 7 is highly spiritual in nature; it dominates any negativity in your life and spreads positive vibes around you. With highly exceptional impact, the number 7 in numerology makes the person master of luck and good fortune. 
  • Number 7 is divine: Moreover, it holds a divine meaning too. It’s the seeker of the truth. Incorporating this number in your life helps you figure out the right path and helps you move on the same.  
  • Number 7 is for success and progress: Things happening on the 7th of any month are highly auspicious. Whatever work you do, having the number 7 in it would help you chalk out your path towards success and progress. 
  • Personality of Number 7 people: Number 7 people are highly independent beings. They possess a strong personality and believe in silently working away from the loudness and crowd of the world. Their hard work is what they believe in and give restless involvement in their deeds and tasks. With it, they are brainy and have a practical personality. Their enthusiasm is noteworthy, and their motivation to make others do tasks is exceptionally outstanding. Read More about Number 7 in Numerology

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Events that prove Number 7 is lucky for Dhoni

Even though he gives an utterly simple reason for choosing the number 7 in most of his works that he is born on July 7, there is a lot more astrology behind his success and the number 7 involvements in the same. 

  • Dhoni and number 7 connection begin with the fact that not just his birth day but also his birthday month is the seventh one of the year— July. 
  • Be it his bikes or other accessories and possessions, Dhoni and number 7 are like mates. He prefers incorporating his birthday number in his personal life too.
  • When he won the first-ever IPL trophy in Indian Premier League Season 3, the day was April 25 (2+5=7). Even the target that was given by Mumbai Indians was 169 (1+6+9= 16; 1+6=7).
  • The list doesn’t end here. According to the data, MS Dhoni and number 7 are closely connected in that he is the 7th batsman in the world to hit 10 sixes in a single innings against Sri Lanka and grabbed victory for the country. 
  • Moreover, when he won the very first World Cup for team India in T20, he was exactly 26 years and 80 days old (2+6+8+0=16; 1+6=7), proving his delightfully strong connection with the number.

So without a doubt, we may state that MS Dhoni and his “simple number 7” are go-lucky ones for the nation as well as for him!

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