Monday Ahead! 7 Things You Should do On 7 Days of A Week

7 Things You Should do On 7 Day of A Week

Well, we’re getting close to the weekend. Besides, Monday is also close. Mondays are boring, I agree. But, JUST IMAGINE if you can add singular magic each day and turn your life much more productive and blissful.

Why do you have to wait until Saturday for 5 days? And how come it’s Tuesday after Monday, and not, Sunday? Worry not, we have you covered. Thanks to ancient people, they have settled a few things to maintain productivity in modern days.

Here are 7 things you should do on 7 days of a week to add unique enchantment every day.


Sunday or in Hindi, Raviwar, a day dedicated to Lord Sun. It is one of the most auspicious days of the week. As it is dedicated to Surya dev, you should always try to wake up and see the sunrise on a Sunday. Also, you should wear Red-colored clothes and can purchase gemstones like Ruby and Red Spinel.

  • You should begin consuming Ayurvedic medicines on this day. It brings great health benefits.
  • Buying any kind of vehicle is prosperous on a Sunday.
  • Applying for any kind of interview brings success on Sunday.
  • In addition, you can buy a pet on this day.
  • Moreover, for all kinds of Yagya, Havan, and Puja it is an auspicious day.


To be hilarious, I love Mondays. Not just because I love my office, but because it is the day of celestial star Moon. On Mondays, wearing white and bright gives auspicious results. In addition, wearing gemstones like Moonstone, Pearl, and Conch is considered propitious.

  • According to expert Astrologers, Mondays are perfect for gardening.
  • You should always consider purchasing new clothes on Monday.
  • Also, to take your pets to the vet, it is a fine day.


Tuesday is governed by the red and violent planet Mars. Thus, red color is considered auspicious for Tuesday. Also, to wear gemstones like Red Coral it is an advantageous day.

  • It is a perfect day to meet your relatives and listen to the thoughts of the people around you.
  • Also, it is suitable to spy on someone. You may have all the luck in your favor.
  • To take part in competitions and be part of the discussions, it is a great day.
  • Tuesday is to conquer war and arguments. Thus, you may win any hearing in the court on this day.


Wednesday a day dedicated to Mercury the messenger of heaven. Wearing green clothes and purchasing green things bring good luck on Wednesday. Also, for wearing gemstones like Emerald, Green Tourmaline it is the perfect occasion.

  • Wednesday is a perfect day for giving loans. It never causes debts.
  • It is a perfect occasion to start building your house.


Green Stones: Emerald, Aquamarine, Green Tourmaline, Peridot

  • To perform Yagya, havan, and puja, it is as prosperous as Tuesday.
  • In addition, you can take up a new job position.
  • Reading religious books on Thursday brings good luck.
  • You can start your own new project, it shall give a prosperous effect on Thursday.


Shukrawar is the day governed by planet Venus that signifies love, romance, pleasure, and relationship. On this weekday, wearing pink, white, and purple will bring good luck. On this day, wearing gemstones like diamond and White Sapphire attract prosperity.

  • Hang out with your family and partner
  • You can start building your house on this day.
  • In addition, you can go to a movie and other entertainment.
  • It is a perfect occasion to donate grain.


Saturday is the day of planet Saturn. Wearing black and dark blue accessories and clothes bring good luck on Saturday. Wearing Blue Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli gemstones on this day would always attract fortune.

  • For entering a new home or Grahpravesh, you shall choose this opportune time.
  • To settle a family dispute and conflict among friends, Saturday is the best occasion.
  • Also, for renting a car, Saturday is a fine occasion.
  • Similar to Monday, planting trees on Saturday

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