Danger Ahead!! Avoid Buying These 7 Things On Saturday

Danger Ahead!! Avoid Buying These 7 Things On Saturday

Avoid buying these 7 things on sayurday

People have different beliefs and faiths upon which their whole life revolves. We have seen many people believing in certain things which seem quite funny at times and practically impossible. However, people who actually believe in God and are more into religious things will follow every aspect of it whether it is good or bad.

According to Vedic Astrology, Saturday is considered as the most feared and inauspicious day of the week. People consider this as the day of Shani and usually avoid doing certain things on the very day. Its also called the day of Bad Luck

Many people think that Shani is the most powerful Gods of all and his anger can destroy their entire life. That’s is the reason people usually avoid to buy certain things on Saturday. However, the actual truth is Shani Dev is the lord of Justice and equality. It takes a position in the birth chart of a person depending on the past karma which also becomes a reason for the various events in a person’s life.

So, in this context lets talk about some of the items which should avoid buying or bringing home on Saturdays.

Iron” is a sign of Bad Luck

Buying iron is not at all considered auspicious on Saturday’s. It is a sign of bad luck and if you bring it at home, it might affect your relationships with family members, wife, etc. It is also said that buying iron things displeases Shani dev which in turn harms your own life.

Instead, donating iron things is considered more auspicious and it ensures that you receive the blessing of Lord Shani. Moreover, it also helps you to get over all the troubles and obstacles in life. Donating iron on Saturday also helps in upliftment of business and wealth.

Oil” brings Sickness

It is said that one should not bring Mustard oil or Vegetable oil at home on Saturdays, as its the sign of sickness. According to various Hindu scriptures, buying oil on Saturdays makes your health condition unfavourable and there are chances that you fall in the trap of some harmful disease.

If you are going through Shani Sadesatti donate some food made in mustard oil to the poor, it helps to improve your health condition. Moreover, if you feed Halwa to dogs, its a sign of fortune and Good luck.

“Salt” is a sign of Financial Debts

Buying salt on Saturday’s is a sign of loss and increased debts. People who are financially weak should not at all taste or bring salt at home on Saturdays. In terms of money related matters, usage of salt can decrease your business, increase debts, loans, loss in share market, etc. Moreover, it also becomes a reason for the poor health of a person.

Don’t even try to donate or touch any item made from salt. Intake of fruits such as bananas, mangoes, watermelon is highly recommendable for changing your luck.

Iron, Ink, Salt, Black shoes, Scissors, broom, oil

“Scissors” Lead to Fights

Buying or Gifting scissors to someone is never recommended on Saturdays. Although, you might have many people saying ‘never open and close scissors without cutting anything“. But on Saturday’s it considered highly ungrateful to even touch the scissors. It leads to fights with your family and friends and can also become a reason for worsened relations.

Broom” brings Poverty

No doubt, broom vanishes negative energies from home and creates a positive atmosphere inside the house. However, on Saturdays and Tuesdays, it is recommended that you should never buy a broom as it might bring poverty and also harms your financial stability.

It is also believed that buying broom on Saturday’s saddens Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of wealth) and you might fall short of money. So it’s better to avoid cleaning your home with a broom on Saturday.

Ink” is a sign of Failure

Buying Ink on Saturday’s can turn very inauspicious in terms of study and career. It is especially for the students who are preparing for exams, completely avoid buying or making use of Ink on Saturday. Buying books or some other study material is good but Ink on Saturday is a sign of failure and bad luck.

It is also said that making usage on Ink especially blue color disappoints Lord Shani and there are chances that you might fail in exams. Moreover, don’t try to fill any important form or agreement with the blue colored ink.

“Black Shoes” stops Promotion & Growth

Black shoes are a must for everybody, especially for the office, going personals but wearing or buying them on Saturdays is a sign of bad luck for you. People also that wearing black leather shoes can stop your promotion at work and even you might get fired from the job. Black shoes can bring failures and conflicts at your workplace.

According to Hindu Mythology, wearing Black shoes on Saturdays disappoints Lord Shani and this might bring failure and create hurdles if you are looking for promotion in the job. So, it will be quiet beneficial for you to avoid wearing black shoes on Saturday.

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