Your Thumb Shape Can Reveal Amazing Things About Your Personality?

Your Thumb Shape Can Reveal Amazing Things

Our body parts are a visible print of personality that only viewable to specific people. Experts like face reader, Palm reader, and Astrologers can tell a lot about our distinctiveness & personal characteristics by laying a gaze at our hands and face. Similar to the palm lines, our finger and most significantly our thumb shape tells a lot about us. After all, it the most unique part of our hands with only 2 phalanges.

Our thumb has a significant link with our personality and behavior. So, about now you must have started wondering about your thumb shape, so let’s figure out what it has to tell about your charisma-

Large Upper Half Thumb Shape

Large Upper Half Thumb

You are a stickler for perfection if your upper part of thumb is larger than the lower part. Typically, you might compromise on anything but the quality of work, opinion, standards, and surroundings. You’re immensely committed to your ideology, persuasions, and policy. You prefer things in their proper order. Similarly, you only accept raw & without any remix emotions. For you, everything has to be excellent and impeccable.

In addition, it is tough for you to feel satisfied. You always chase more and more and better & better.

Small Upper Half Thumb Shape

Small Upper Half Thumb Shape

Small Upper Half Thumb Shape is also an ideal thumb type as it bestows you a humble, generous and kind-hearted nature.

If this shape is your thumb, you are a person who keeps their feet on the ground. You are modest and impressive. Both of you are calm and confident, but most of all you’re loving & caring. Further, if we talk about your excellence, you know very well to transform dreams into reality. You can incorporate dreams into real-life situations just like a snap of a finger.

Balanced Upper & Lower Thumb Shape

Balanced Upper & Lower Thumb

Analogous to the balanced shape of your thumb, you are a harmonious person.

If you fit into this category, you are a calm person who strives equilibrium in all aspects of your life. Summarising your persona in one word would be undoubtedly tough, yet, equipoise suits you well. According to the expert Astrologers, your belief in Karma, what’s gone is gone, let the past be in the past is too strong that it even scares people, and often inspires them. Owing to your strength, you are a good listener, commendable teacher and you often sift doubts notably quick.

Flexible Thumb Shape


A flexible thumb is a symbol of a remarkably malleable person. If you are a person with this thumb then you are exceptionally great at observation. In the surrounding, not only you are typically the one who accepts the changes but also you are the one who first notices it. You are acquiescent and can mold into any situation swiftly.

Under the influence of your personality, you own an open mind, imaginative thinking and no barriers for aesthetics. You are much more expressive in terms of your emotions than anyone else around you. In addition, you are great at Art.

A Straight Thumb Shape


On the account of your thumb shape, you are stubborn and you prefer your dominance in every aspect. However, looking at the bright side your strong willpower, self-command, and discipline make you a flawless leader.

People many times confuse your poker face with your common behavior. However, you are a person of your words. Thus, they admire you for your promise-keeping trait. You are a kind person and people around you often try to take advantage of your kindness. Nonetheless, it is tough to fool around your smart circle. So, chillax.

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