Tom Cruise’s Horoscope Analysis

tom cruise horoscope analysis

Tom Cruise Birth Details
Date of Birth: 3 July 1962
Place of Birth: Syracuse NY
Time of Birth: 3:20 am (Verified Data)

Who doesn’t knows Tom Cruise? The legendary actor of Hollywood. Has anyone thought ever what makes one rise so high in life? The answer is in the stars. Destiny.

He was brought up in almost near poverty. Ascendant lord in 12th bhava. 9th lord in 9th bhava in cusp chart but conjunct Ketu. He described his father as “bully”, “coward”, “a merchant of chaos”. Father dies of Cancer, the connection of Ketu with Saturn and Saturn ruling the 8thcusp. It was all bad for him.

Detailed Horoscope Analysis


He wanted to pursue acting but was it destined? The 5th cusp and the3rd cusp sub lords and their star lords jointly say whether it is possible or not. His 5th cusp sub lord is Mercury in the star of Mars. Mars rules the 11th and 6th bhava, Mercury rules the 1st and 4th. The 3rd cusp sub lord is Sun. Sun rules the third bhava. There is a direct connection of 1st and third lords at sub-level which is excellent for skills like acting dancing, singing etc. Sun is aspected by Jupiter, the lord of 7th and 10th house.

Jupiter, the lord of 10th is placed in the 10th bhava in the cusp chart and is in the star of Rahu which is conjunct Venus and Moon. Thus Jupitercarried a manifold positive signification in his aspect over the Sun.

Venus is the 5th house ruler and 12th house ruler and moon is the second house ruler.

He got TOP GUN in 1986, which was Mercury Mahadasha and Venus Antara. TOP GUNestablished him as the icon and I personally am a fan of Tom Cruise since then itself !!!.

In 1996, he came as Ethan Hunt in the mission impossible series, Mercury –Saturnperiod, Saturn in 9th bhava in moon star and own sub conjunct Ketu which is aspected by Venus and Moon and is placed in the moon star and in Saturnsub. Mission Impossible is the series the world has watched a billion times.


Mercury and Mars are in sub of Jupiter the lord of 7th house and Jupiter is aspecting the 5th house. No wonder he became a producer and a very successful one.  


He married and divorced thrice. He has two adopted and one biological son. The 7thcusp sub lord is Ketu, a separative planet, it is in the star of Moon which is hemmed between Rahu Ketu and Saturn. A complete punarphoo is happening here. Thus there were marriages and divorces.

From the Vedic Astrology aspect, He is a very strong Manglik and divorces were bound to happen. Mars is star os Sun carries very fiery energy for him which must have made his wives stay away from his physical and mental demands. Venus too is afflicted with Rahu and conjunct Mercury and aspected by Saturn. Many women many nights, to sum up.

No one can change or run away from destiny. And if you are looking to go into movies see your own horoscope in these parameters and surely you will come to know that KP Astrology predicts the best.

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