Top 10 Sagittarius Celebrities Born Under The Fire Zodiac Element

Sagittarius zodiac sign

People admire celebrities a lot. They want to know every minute detail of their life. And, figuring about your favorite celebrity zodiac sign can let you discover their hidden traits. In the line of the same comes the Sagittarius zodiac sign. It has been known for its fearless and adventurous nature. Along with it, they stay loyal to their life, which makes them choose the best for their life. The astrological energies in the houses of a Sagittarius always help him achieve a healthy name and fame. Thus, we have got you the list of the top 10 Sagittarius celebrities born under the fire element.

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Top 10 Sagittarius Celebrities Based On Their Sun Sign

Duration— November 22 to December 21

Sagittarius Zodiac Element— Fire

Sagittarius Symbol— Archer

Constellation— Sagittarius

Sign Ruling Planet— Jupiter

Nicki Minaj

Born: December 8

Nicki Minaj is a rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, and model. She carries her confidence like a crown. And, there is no way her rivals can put her down.

Nicki Minaj is not scared to be blunt about her competitors. In fact, in various interviews, she has proudly mentioned that she is a Sag.

Hence, her bluntness, confidence, and passion for her career make her a pure Sagittarius celebrity.

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Taylor Swift

Born: December 13

Taylor Swift is a true Sag! She has always been known for calling out people in her songs. And due to this, she is surrounded by the media’s attention.

Despite the constant struggle with maintaining her calm with all controversies, she never fails her fans. Her music is a must-be-included thing in almost every musical concert.

Taylor Swift thus becomes the second most swaggy top 10 Sagittarius celebrities because no one can push her down.

Miley Cyrus

Born: November 23

Miley Cyrus ends up being third in the listing of top 10 Sagittarius celebrities. She exists in every teenager’s mind even today. She has managed to make her career flourish right from the starting.

Don’t you remember Hannah Montana? Of course, you all do!

She was the most popular teen character that Miley Cyrus brought with her. Her career is proof enough that she is a proper Sagittarius celebrity with a fierce fire element all in her.

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Charlie Puth

Born: December 2

Charlie Puth comes fourth in the top 10 Sagittarius celebrities. He has managed to hold a popular place in everyone’s mind because of his soothing voice and appealing personality.

His song “attention” hit the world record! Charlie is very young for his age compared to his healthy music career. He has been open about his struggle and hard work that went behind in becoming his best version.

Like an honest Saggitarius personality, Charlie Puth never gave up on life and used whatever was in his power to win over every hurdle.


Born: December 21

Govinda is one of the finest Indian actors. With his involvement in Bollywood films, he holds a valuable place in the industry. So, end up fifth in the top 10 Sagittarius celebrities.

His fan base has only amplified with time. Govinda’s comedy never failed to bring a smile to the audience’s face. Also, apart from being a brilliant entertainer, he has actively participated in social affairs. He worked for an uplifting society.

And his care and loyalty towards his fans make him one of the most famous Sagittarius celebrities.

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Born: December 12

Who doesn’t know Thalaiva!

His journey from a bus conductor to a famous movie star tells us everything about him. Rajinikanth is a successful film industrialist.

Right from the start, he has managed to cut his way from nepotism to every other obstacle that could make him weak. Rajinikanth is a Sagittarius by his very nature. He is passionate, fearless, and smart.

Hence, a true Sagittarius personality.

Pope Francis

Born: December 17

Pope Francis is the head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State. His name says it all, thus in the list of top 10 Sagittarius celebrities.

Like a perfect Sagittarius, he has worked his whole life for the welfare of humanity. His loyalty towards his work says a lot about being a perfect head of the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis, through his dedication, has engaged people towards a better life, illustrating a great quality of a true Sag.

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Kaley Cuoco

Born: November 30

Penny was in astrology, and so in real life is Kaley Cuoco. She is a Big Bang Theory fame and has a charming and cheerful personality.

Kaley ranks eighth in the list of top 10 Sagittarius celebrities. People love her just by the way she is or behaves.

Kaley has also appeared in many films and television series, showing her best acting skills and boldness and hotness. Sagittarius celebrities are utterly alluring and beautiful. And so is Kaley Cuoco.

Brad Pitt

Born: December 18

Brad Pitt is an American actor and film producer. During his career, he has received numerous awards. Starting from the way he carries himself to his acting skills.

Brad Pitt is a perfect epitome and example of true Sagittarius. His movies are a great success worldwide. Also, he has always balanced his personal and professional life.

Brad Pitt is an ideal Sagittarius because of all he has achieved in his life.

Billie Eilish

Born: December 18

Billie Eilish had been on the top of every music list for a period of time. And, back then, she was and currently is quite loved for her unique way of music.

She is very young in the music industry. Not just this, Billie came with her first song in the year 2016 on Soundcloud. She has managed to bring stardom to her music in a very short span.

This brings every trait of her Sagittarius personality into line at once. Hence, she is a proper Sag Boss.

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