7 Hottest Zodiac Signs In Astrology And What Makes Them Hot

Sexiest zodiac signs

Who is the hottest zodiac sign? Well, there is no straightforward answer to the question. Honestly, each zodiac sign has some desirable traits that they are known for. And whichever zodiac sign’s sexist trait you like the most, that zodiac sign will personally top your list of hottest zodiac signs of 2022. However, then there are some zodiac signs who got hot traits that are famous among all of us. For example, Scorpio’s wordplay. Scorpio zodiac natives are very humorous and good with words. They have to sexy ability to convert even the most serious conversation into dirty talk in no time. And that is something many people would like, right?  

So considering the same, in this blog, we have ranked hot zodiac signs in astrology as per the popularity of the sexy traits that are desired by most people when it comes to relationship. So, in a nutshell, if this list doesn’t have your zodiac, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t hot or something, it simply means, your way of being sexy has got a limited audience, thus making you unique. Closing in, here are the hottest zodiac signs as per astrology. 

1. Scorpio 

When the topic revolves around hotness, you can’t keep Scorpio’s at bay. Scorpio zodiac people are not only good in bed but also in the act that would pull you to the bed. Their collection of night dresses? That’s exactly what we are talking about. Scorpio natives are a mixture of old school and modern hence they often happen to fit in most people’s ‘my perfect-partner’ list. Apart from the way they dress, what makes Scorpio even hotter is their humour and wordplay. They have the talent to spice any conversation and make sure you can’t resist it. Also, the hottest zodiac sign ensures you feel comfortable when around them, and thus, is a keeper. Scorpio is really a package that inspires you to try new things, be it in bed or practical life. 

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2. Cancer 

If you think shyness is the hottest trait one can have, then all you need is a Cancer in your life. Dating a Cancer is a bit tough as they find it difficult to open up about their feelings. And if you are a zodiac sign with great sexual humour (hello Scorpio and Taurus), then the Cancer not reacting to your dirty comment with a dirty comment might make you feel frustrated. But the good news is that Cancers tend to learn quickly and aren’t as quiet when they really begin to like you. In fact, they have hidden fantasies that they want to live but only with the one they can trust. So if you are patient enough, at some night, you will find the blushing Cancer telling you what they really desire physically and that shyness on their face makes not only the atmosphere but also the Cancer hot. 

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3. Sagittarius 

Being a power couple is what makes the Sagittarius feel hot. Despite the fact that the Scorpio zodiac sign is hard to seduce and rarely a seducer, but the love they have to offer makes up for the loss of dirty flirting they are not best at. Scorpio has a great fashion sense and these natives use it to not just feel confident but also to make your jaw drop. They like to leave an impression of theirs in the mind of people they meet, thus ensuring that one is always busy thinking about them. Hard to fall in love with, Scorpio doesn’t mind being alone as they are the hottest zodiac sign with or without a relationship. But hey, they can make you want them and sometimes that’s what hotness is all about.

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4. Gemini 

Their ideas are what makes a Gemini not only the best employee but also the best person to have a late-night conversation or sex with. But then, you have to be very special to enjoy the mature, fun and adventurous bond that Geminis are believed to offer to their partner. As per our astrologers, Gemini constantly tries to be a better version of themselves. They are constant thinkers, so if you can’t stop thinking about that one hot thing they did on the bed last night that caught you off guard, then you must know that they have been planning that for a while. Although, unlike Scorpio, a Gemini’s hotness is mostly physical, but then they can inspire you to do better in bed. And for some, that could be a perfect, if not the hottest thing. 

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5. Taurus 

Taurus seems like a normal human on the first encounter, but once you spend some time with them, you will realise the freak show and fantasizer this zodiac sign is. Undoubtedly one of the hot zodiac signs, what makes Taurus hot are their rich fantasies, which only a few have heard and even fewer get to experience. From the smallest thing in life, such as watching a movie to a bigger thing like getting between the sheets with someone, Taurus knows how and where they want to experience these things. For example, a Taurus doesn’t want just sex, but a Taurus wants sex in a resort amidst the mountains, with the cosiest bed and the most mesmerizing mountain view from the window. A mixture of horniness and fantasies is what makes Taurus the hottest zodiac sign out there. 

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6. Virgo

The next sexiest zodiac sign is Virgo, a perfectionist by nature. Being a perfectionist is what allows a lot of people to notice them. But mere noticing won’t give you a glimpse into the hot version of Virgo. One doesn’t realise the freak show Virgos can be until they show you their urge to control you in bed. However, noting that it’s an art Virgos are born with, giving up in such situations won’t do any harm. Virgo’s hotness reeks out from the physical urge to dominate that they are born with. And happens you can tune this hotness upward if you are ready to take risks while making out with them. As a partner, Virgo is very dependable and organised, which too is hot for someone like a Sagittarius. 

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7. Aquarius 

The world gives less credit to Aquarius when making the hottest zodiac sign list. In fact, Aquarius can be more than just hot. Aquarius, as per astrologers, is a great simulator. Their words can make you break some promises that you weren’t supposed to break. However, thankfully, Aquarius mostly doesn’t use their powers for the wrong reasons. Aquarius is an air sign, so they love spontaneity more than the other zodiac signs. And getting love through the wrong means is the last thing they would want in life, especially when they have got all the right tricks to get what they want from you.

What zodiac sign tops your list of hottest zodiac signs? Do share with us.

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