Understanding the Vitality of Gemini Woman


Gemini Dates- May 21 to June 20

A perfect example for the social butterfly, Miss Gemini is a  real charmer and is known to keep the crowd entertained with her amusing talks. Her nimble-wits flitter from one thought to the other quicker than the light, punching and digging in every perspective.

Multifaceted personalities of Gemini woman can manage things very well if they put their heart into it. Adaptability and intelligence are the two main nobilities of these bright sarcastic girls.

“Her thoughts are a hurricane” is about the most suitable metaphor for Miss Gemini. Similar to their ruling planet- Mercury, noted for its speed and swiftness, Gemini ladies can never stay in one place for long. They need their freedom, you can not trap the air, except in a chips packet, of course!

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Anyway, jokes apart, these ladies have a deep desperation to be independent. They don’t belong to the ground, they reside up there which fairly explains why Gemini is an air element. They’ve got to have a mind, their quick intellect up in the air.

Here, we shall explain to you in detail what makes a woman born under the sign of Gemini so passionate and fun. There are going to be some key points that can help you understand her multiple personalities.

It is essential to grasp this understanding in order to preserve a precious relationship if you are in connection with the Miss twins.

Gemini Woman Traits

When you first meet this wild and unpredictable girl, she will surely enchant you with her roundabout way of expression. It’s like a fairy’s spilling pixie dust when she chatters.

However, she sometimes likes to go overboard and play tricks, mostly for fun. This frenzy gal is filled up with excitement and craze. She is the real queen of spiced-signals. You will not have a single dull moment around her. 

That naughty mischievous smile she gives which tells people that she’s in waggish mood and is playing a little trick on them. It flares up her face when she’s having her bit of fun and mind you, her teases are absolutely brilliant. Knowing a Gemini lady is like having a never-ending supply of happy meals because there is joy in every moment with her.

One of Miss chatterbox’s top goals is to find new friends which is not very difficult considering her unique and gregarious persona which allows her to easily get to know new people and make friends. Her satirical eloquence immediately draws people in, and it certainly catches everyone’s eye.

Gemini Physical Traits

The most noticeable and obvious things with a lady born under the sign of Gemini is that she has a very youthful appearance. She would appear way younger than her age, all thanks to her Gemini magic, for those vibrant teenage-y vibes. She has such a dopelicious sense of exuberance and vivacity about her even though she is at leisure.

More likely than not, she is favored with decent height with long arms and legs. In order to spot a Gemini woman, you have to keep a watch upon how she moves and how she speaks. Because her speech rate is rather rapid and she will move when you least expect it.

She is like a very funny and feminine version of Peter pan. When it comes to how this lady walks, she will have a tendency to really swing her arms, like Victoria’s Secret angel walks with a lengthy, sweeping motion.

Physical Gemini Women

Often she has small sparkly but remarkably expressive eyes that are light in color. But those dark and long lashes would just add a healthy dose of mystique to her doll face. The trunk of stature will be considerably shorter than her fine, birdlike legs. Besides that, her seemingly controlled yet laid back style is what steals the show. 

Gemini Woman in Love

Being loved by a Gemini girl is both a complicated and rewarding experience. She knows how to test you but also know how to love like no other. Artist at heart, she is funny, clever and hella imaginative. Her versatile demeanour has so many layers that everyday you will have something fresh to enjoy. She’s naturally-gifted, thoughtful, eloquent and what not. 

A relationship with Miss Gemini is always going to be filled with so much passion and thrill as long as you give her the efforts and attention she deserves. She is always going to keep you hooked with how attractive she is as a human being.

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Gemini Woman NEGATIVE Traits

Harsh Gemini women

This lady is most likely to fall prey to a boatload of anxiety and mental illness. Possible explanation being, she masters the art of mirroring a façade surface of “everything is cool and hunky-dory” but underneath it all she is going through a state of turbulence.

Gemini ladies don’t like being a burden, an emotional toll, in particular. However, she may give a slight or indirect indication that there’s something troubling her but she always makes it seem like everything is under control. And the fact that she overthink like crazy doesn’t help. 

These were a few points to mention the deep details about the vitality of Gemini women. Also, you might like to grab some information regarding the most gracious women of all zodiacs – Cancer. 

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