Upcoming Smartwatches You Should Get Your Hands on

Upcoming Smartwatches You Should Get Your Hands on

We all know how technology has revolutionized our lives. From listening to music, keeping a check on notifications, booking tickets and ordering food online or making phone calls, we have all become dependent on it. With an endless list of to-do tasks on our electronic devices, it has left a greater impact on all of us. The upcoming smartwatches entering in the industry will feature several refined designs, with quality added features.

In recent years, technology has gigantically influenced the way we think. In the current era, due to multiple social media apps and the latest technologies. We cannot resist keeping a check on our gadgets. Internet access has enabled us all to keep connected with anyone globally.

Introduction of Smartwatches-

Also known as the wearable computer, smartwatches have become our best buddies. With an explicit wearable size, smartwatches have certainly been making their impact on people. With multiple added features, they are garnering a lot of public as well as media attention.

The earlier models of smartphones include basic functions like digital time telling, performing calculations, game playing and several other functions. But the 2010 model comprised more of the mobile features like certain mobile apps, mobile operating system, WIFI connectivity features.

Certain models of smartwatches also enable users to call making features. However, several models of smartwatches also come with an added facility of counting down the calories and also accessing the sleep quality.

According to the recent surveys, people of the age group 18-75, prefer to wear smartwatches when exercising or going to the gym.


Upcoming Smartwatches:

With several companies stepping into developing smartwatches with the latest features, here’s a list of the upcoming smartwatches that are appearing to launch by 2020.

1. Apple Watch 5-

We all know how much success the latest Apple Watch 4 has gathered. With ECG monitoring, fall detection features and a distinct design, the watch made the company get the more public acknowledgement and lead in the current market.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a trusted apple analyst, the latest model will feature a new ceramic casing design. With multiple add-ons, Apple Watch 5 will also comprise of “sleep tracking feature”.

The predicted dates for the release of Apple Watch 5 will be in September 2019. Likewise, Apple watch 3 and Apple watch 4 were also launched in the September month.

Astrological predictions suggest the price for Apple Watch 5 will be much more than the current price of Apple watch 4.  The smallest GPS version watches will be available in different premium prices. Overall features include-

  • Support for Android
  • Better-quality battery life
  • Sleep tracking
  • Solvent design
  • Access to Tidal, YouTube music

2. Galaxy Watch Active 2-

To set a prominent benchmark in the present industry with the upcoming smartwatches. Samsung is all set to launch it’s Galaxy Watch Active 2 with an added ECG feature of tracking the heart rate.

The heart rate feature will enable users to have timely alerts when their heart rate goes too high or drops too low. Astrological predictions suggest the launch is expected to take place in the first half of 2020.

Overall design features include-

  • Refreshed Design
  • Fall Detection System
  • Will be available in two different sizes
  • UI 1.5 software
  • Bluetooth version supporting Under Armour
  • Longer Durability

3. Puma Smartwatch-

Being one of the leading brands among sports brands globally. Puma’s partnership with Fossil’s group will turn out to be fruitful. This partnership will pay the way for more distribution facilities and world-class design features for the Puma watch collection.

Puma’s smartwatch collection will land in the market by the end of 2019. The 10-year contract with the Fossil group will bring more opportunities for Puma to enhance their net worth. Puma will be the first company to tie with Fossil for the development of smartwatches.

Rumours have been surfacing that the upcoming Puma watch will have the Android software. Further details about Puma’s upcoming smartwatches have not been revealed.

4. Google Pixel Watch-

With the aim of redefining and rebuilding the overall quality design. Google lately announced the renovation of the Wear OS apps. Predictions surfacing the latest model state the model will enter into the market with a flagship quality hardware.

The smartwatch model will also comprise of the LTE version and WIFI facilities too.

Media reports also suggest that the Pixel watch comprises of 1GB of RAM. Add-ons will also comprise of Google assistant. Overall features include-

  • ECG Heart rate monitor feature
  • Bluetooth Support
  • Will be available in three distinct models, i.e., Sardine, Ling and Triton
  • Minimum of 1GB RAM

5. Huawei Watch GT Active-

With receiving an overwhelming response to its latest model, Huawei Watch GT classic. Huawei has once again launched its new addition of smartwatch, Huawei Watch GT Active. Having a refined design of ceramic bezel feature, it will also have a stainless-steel coating.

Predictions have also been surfacing that this smartwatch model will have a 2 weeks battery life.

The model has been launched in India and it’s available on various online stores like Flipkart and etc. Added features of the smartwatch will include an improved sleep monitoring system.

It will also comprise of an enhanced heart rate monitoring feature.

Overall features include-

  • Premium built-in features
  • Decent battery life
  • Accurate Tracking
  • Display of 1.39-inch AMOLED HD touchscreen
  • ECG Heart Rate Monitoring Feature
  • Sleep Tracking

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