Vastu Dosha Nirvana- Significance and Benefits

Vastu Dosha Nirvana- Significance and Benefits

Vastu is a link between a person and nature. It is a field dealing with geography, environment, physics of an architecture. Unorganized planning and random archaeological structure create many problems in our lives. In Astrological terms it is called Vastu Dosha.

Meaning of Vastu Dosha

The various combination of directions and positions in the archaeological arrangement and defect in these organization is called Vastu Dosha. There are set principles in Vedic astrology. If you are having troubles in your life despite being everything fine then you should really go for a Vastu check. The 5 important elements of fire, water, earth, air and space should be considered properly before placing things. This process of arranging this as per Vedic sciences is called Vaastu. You will face many problems despite having things in your favour if you have Vastu Dosha.

Effects of Vastu Dosha

Wrong placements can bring many negative impacts in your life. Balancing the five essential, fire, water, earth, air and space is very important for a healthy and successful life. This can act as a hurdle in the way of your success.

  • Vastu Dosha can make your energy feel drained and lazy.
  • It can make you fall sick frequently.
  • If you are facing financial crisis despite having a good job and intelligence then this can probably be because of Vastu Dosha in your office location.
  • Vastu dosha in the South-East direction leads to people suffering from kidney diseases.
  • Sleeping in North direction can lead to headache, mental sickness, uneasiness and even heart problems.
  • There can be constant conflicts in the family due to a badly directed house.
  • It can bring constant failure in your professional as well as personal life.
  • It can also lead to infectious diseases

Objectives of performing Vastu Dosha Nirvana

  • There can be many unknown faults with the interiors exteriors or structures of buildings. This pooja helps in curing these faults.
  • The Pooja will help you gain the blessings of Vastu Purush for gaining success and happiness. It will bring peace and calm in your life.
  • It will protect your home, office from ill effects of any natural calamities.
  • Also, you can get forgiveness of God for the damage done to nature during the construction process.
  • It can also appease and pacify the ill effects of supernatural forces present the house or office.
  • To treat the disease caused to Vastu Dosha.

Significance of Pooja

Vastu makes human and nature live together. There is a need to have a balance between both for living life of harmony. The Pooja will treat ongoing ill effects of Vastu Dosha. Also, it will help you to tackle any unforeseen destruction in future. It is the best way to appease Vastu Devta and get his blessings in your life.

Benefits of Vastu Pooja

  • Pooja will pacify any health and financial issues.
  • It helps you in treating the negative energies of the planets.
  • Your house will be blessed with peace and happiness.
  • Pooja will save you from any natural calamities that can seriously damage you.
  • It will shower you with good wealth when done is an office or home.
  • It eliminates all negative and evil energies.
  • The blessings of Vastu Devta brings family members closer and their relation gets stronger.
  • Also, it reduces all kinds of hurdles in career, marriage or any other areas of life.

When should you perform this pooja

  • When you fail to fill Vastu parameters.
  • You should check Vastu rules while renovating your house or office.
  • You can also perform this pooja just before Griha Pravesh Pooja.
  • When you are shifting to a new location or home.
  • In the cases when you are experiencing a financial crisis.
  • If you have complete more than 10 years in one home.
  • When you have locked your home for a good amount of time for some reason.

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