Shani/Saturn Dhaiya Pooja- Significance and Benefits

ShaniSaturn Dhaiya Pooja- Significance and Benefits

The son of Surya and Chhaya is known as “The Supreme”. And as the title of Saturn says, it truly can make a person king or a beggar. It totally depends on the positioning of the planet in your horoscope. When Shani is placed in a malefic position then you can seriously get harmed by irreparable losses. But if Saturn is appeased by your services then you will get very successful with your life. Saturn is more like your teacher, who can punish you and reward you. Based on what kind of deed you prefer to do.


Shani Dhaiya dosha can harm you a lot. It happens when the Saturn transit through the 4th or 8th house from Moon in the horoscope. The duration of Saturn stays in one sign in 2.5 years. This transmission is called Shani Dhaiya. Faults that will happen through this transition is called Shani Dhaiya Dosha. When you have a good combination of Saturn and Moon then you are likely to be very happy and successful in that period. Similarly, when the transit is nor favorable to you and bad things happen due to the negative impact of Saturn, this dosha happens. This is where you need Shani/Saturn Dhaiya Pooja. To mitigate the harmful elements in your life.

Significance of the Shani/Saturn Dhaiya Pooja

Saturn is lowest among all planets and hence need due care while dealing with it. Implications that the planet has on your life will stay with you for very long. In a situation like this, it gets really important to cure it. You will feel drained emotionally, physically, and financially when your Saturn is against you. This pooja will affect each and every day of your life for years.

You, through the period of Shani Dhaiya, might harm people unnecessarily. No matter how hard you try to achieve something, you will tend to attract failures more easily and frequently. Saturn is the governor of your judgmental skills. You need his bliss to get a happy lifestyle. In the absence of good influence, you will be unfavorably dominant on other people. But through spiritually praying Saturn, you can eliminate, mitigate, or reduce the negative energies. Hence, this pooja can act as a life-changer for you.

Benefits of this Pooja

No doubt this pooja can make you very successful and free from bad influences. You can lead a happy, peaceful, and calm life. Vedic astrology lays many rules that govern our life. The astrologers religiously use the Mantras and procedure listed in Vedas to get you rid of negative energies.

  • Saturn will make you more knowledgeable and your judgemental skills will enhance.
  • You will get free from any evil energy or influences.
  • Importantly, your financial position will improve.
  • You will get more confident and your self-esteem will increase.
  • Saturn will cure chronic diseases. E.g AIDs etc.
  • Also, it will save you from accidents and unfortunate incidents happening in your life.
  • It can save you from any legal troubles.
  • You will get successful and all your hard work will pay you off.

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Need for Pooja

Shani/Saturn Dhaiya Pooja can give you immense happiness in your life. Sometimes, it is not easy to tackle planetary positions on your own. Hence, this is where astrology comes in to play. You can know about your position and harmful energies in the way. Also, not only that but you can also deal with them through astrological remedies. For this, you need a person with good experience and clear knowledge about the subject. Saturn is the ruler. It can make you the best or worst version of yourself. Therefore, you should definitely contact an astrologer to get rid of any ill events that might happen in your life because of Shani Dhaiya pooja.

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