Shani Sade Sati Pooja- Significance and Benefits

Shani Sade Sati Pooja- Significance and Benefits

Lord Shani is the ruler of Saturn planet. He brings truth, justice, and diligence in our lives. Saturn moves very slowly, in the solar system and so in your life. He takes time to adjust and change. When you are blessed with favorable Saturn in your horoscope, it will bring you immense wealth and fame. And with its malefic effects, it can pour you with poverty, sorrow, grief, etc. The age and longevity of a person depend on Saturn. This planet plays the role of a teacher in your life. As you will be punished for your bad deed but also rewarded when you do something good. If you want to have a long life then Saturn will help you in getting one.

Shani Sade Sati Pooja Meaning

Shani is one of the most influential planets of your horoscope. And it remains with the same effect for like seven and a half years (7.5 years). In the cases where Shani is not placed to bless you in your Birth Chart then you can have a really tough time for this long year in your life. We all know that Karma is the principle on which our lives are based on. Saturn governs that part of our life. Sani Sade Sati can free you from negative energies of Shani Dev.

If you have Shani dosha in your horoscope then this Pooja is very crucial for you. It will help you pass your tough time calmly and peacefully. The harmful implications of the Shani can be nullified, eliminated, and pacified by spiritually worshipping Lord Shani.

Significance of the Pooja

Saturn is a significant ruler of your life. Everything you do, whether good or bad, it is analyzed and examined by Shani. This Pooja gets very important for your life as Shani Dev governs your Karma. The Shani dosha brings with the phase of extreme trouble. You have to constantly deal with problems related to your career, health, family, and financial issues. What makes this situation worse is the consistency of the hurdles with be for 7.5years of your life.

You will not be able to get success no matter what you do.
Pooja can help you get over these hurdles. It will concentrate on having the blessings of Lord Shani. The malefic effects will be nullified and at least calmed down. Shani Sade Sati Pooja will give you the strength to get over issues easily and fight with them. Also, this pooja will positively affect your age.

Benefits of the Pooja

The pooja is mots efficient way of dealing with Shani dosha in your life. Saturn can make you very successful and healthy. But this will demand you appeasing him. You have to make him happy by religiously servicing him. There are many benefits that you will gain from this Pooja.

  • Shani will bless you with Rajayoga. You can achieve it by spiritually praying Shani.
  • The person will get very successful in his career. He will reach heights of his career.
  • Also, this pooja will reduce the malefic effects of the planet. You will feel positivity around you. And you can easily pass the period of Shani dosha in your life without experiencing much harm.
  • And your age will increase with a healthy body and mind.

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Bad placement of Saturn can make you really struggle with life. With the help of an expert astrologer, you can easily get over the hurdle. You can do not have to deal with problems if you timely contact an astrologer than will show you the right remedies. No one wants a life full of issues for a period of 7.5 years. It actually makes a considerable part of your age. But if Saturn is appeased, it can make you reach the heights of your life. You will have positivity and happiness. This is the reason you should consult a trustable astrologer to cure you Dosha.

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