Venus and Rahu Conjunction in Astrology- Effect In Each House

Venus And Rahu Conjunction

These two planets, a best astrologer of ours say, are very closely related. Venus governs love, luxury, relationship, fame, and money whereas Rahu increases these elements of Venus to a great extent. The combination of Venus and Rahu makes a person good looking so tending to attract the opposite sex more. The person having this pair in his birth chart develops an obsession for love and his relationship. They can go beyond the limits for a person they are in love with no matter cultural or geographical distances. Simply say, while Rahu affects different astrology houses differently, with Venus, one’s sexual desires are to rise.

The presence of Rahu increases the chances of falling in love with a person having a distant geographical background. The energies of these two planets together make a person a little obsessed with comfort, money and love. The person with this combination gets very sexually active. He gets more into love and sexual desires. The person has attractive looks and can easily attract people. They will always want the undivided attention of their partner. They believe that idea of a perfect relationship is true and goes to any extent to fulfil that view. Remaining single is so not in his nature.

Venus and Rahu can easily attract fame and money abundantly. The approach of a person to deal with things gets dreamy and he lacks judgment.

Venus and Rahu in the first house

  • The 1st House signifies self-expression, appearance, ego, and temperament.
  • The combination of Venus and Rahu in the first house of the birth chart provides the person with magnificent looks. The woman tends to become very beautiful and have an attractive personality.
  • It makes a person highly ambitious about his career and success which will make him gain financial stability at a very early age of life.
  • Man with this influence in his Birth Chart will fall in love with an attractive, good looking woman very easily.  Sometimes, he will be carried away by his beauty, ignoring inner qualities.
  • There are higher chances of having extramarital affairs because a person gets easily disinterested in his partner. He holds a strong desire for love and physical relationship and will never compromise on it.

Venus and Rahu in the second house

  • The 2nd house represents income and possessions. Herein, Rahu and Venus together give whelming results.
  • Venus and Rahu make a person risk bearer, herein, they will do anything to attain a good and healthy career. This can also bring financial success. The person might also steep down to the level where he earns money through illegal methods.
  • The person suffers from marital disharmony that will lead him to many disagreements in his marriage life.
  • 2nd house will bring him enough wealth for comfort and luxury life from his routine job. His job will come with a good return of money. 
  • The combination in 2nd house can create Vani dosha and person tends to use abusive words which can act as a hurdle in his personality.

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Venus and Rahu in the third house

  • This house negatively affects the confidence of a person. They develop low self-esteem and his confidence is constantly challenged and hindered by the combined energies of Venus and Rahu.
  • They will have to face many ups and downs in regard to fortune in his life. He is expected to be blessed with a large number of sisters.
  • Their relationships with siblings might also get affected because of their nature and trust issues.

Venus and Rahu in the fourth house

  • The 4th House is the abode of all the worldly possession and luxuries. Herein, a combination of Rahu and Venus is extremely prosperous in terms of money.
  • The person will be blessed with a luxurious house and vehicles.
  • They might face a problem with studies frequently due to distraction and lack of focus.
  • The mother of the person having this combination will face health issues and will fall frequently ill.

Venus and Rahu in the fifth house

  • 5th house is known for Purva Punyam. Rahu in this house is a symbol of the Upasana of Kshudra devata. But when Venus is the dominant element of this house this can lead to having a sexual relationship with more than one woman. 
  • The problem in begetting a child will be faced and the person will have to do remedies to cure this.

Venus and Rahu in the sixth house

A combination in this house is not at all favorable. The person will encounter many problems :

  • The person will have to face many diseases and thus he should be very conscious of dealing with his health. He will have disharmony with his co-workers.
  • The person will face a lot of mental health issues and stress due to a lack of peace.
  • He might have to experience cheating from his co-workers or partner.

Venus and Rahu in the seventh house

  • The 7th house signifies all kinds of partnerships whether professional or personal.
  • The position of Venus and Rahu in this house makes a person indulge in extramarital affairs. They tend to marry a person from a different caste or geographical background.
  • The partner of the person might have a short life.
  • The person might face sudden losses in business.

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Venus and Rahu in the eighth house

  • This is the house of death and longevity.
  • There are chances of having diseases like AIDS and disease affecting the lower part of the body. The person should be more conscious about his health and take adequate care. Astrology predictions can alert one about such problems before they affect one.
  • They might indulge themselves in the ill practice of tantra and mantra.
  • They will get negatively affected by the looks of a person of the opposite sex ie. he will be attracted by external beauty and other qualities will be ignored.

Venus and Rahu in the ninth house

  • This house shows the fluctuation in his religion and caste and the person can switch from one religion to another.
  • Support of the father is much needed to gain success and maintain luck for the person with venus and Rahu conjunction in the ninth house.

Venus and Rahu in the tenth house

  • The 10th House is the dominion of profession and career. Here, the placement of Rahu, our astrology predictions predicts, brings a person ultimate success.
  • This house with this conjunction supports professions like media, entertainment, dance, acting. If talent utilized properly huge success can be gained in the entertainment industry.

Venus and Rahu in the eleventh house

  • The 11th house in astrology signifies finance. It is the Dhana Bhava.
  • Herein, this conjunction attracts huge financial success and fame.
  • There is a possibility of gaining wealth through illegal means because of the need for gaining wealth and obtaining luxuries comfort.

Venus and Rahu in the twelfth house

  • The twelfth house in astrology signifies self-undoing. Venus and Rahu together in this house is a pure blast.
  • Here, this combination can lead to poverty. However, thankfully, there are astrological remedies for the same.
  • Despite the challenges, the person has a chance of settling abroad.
  • Spirituality can bring balance in financial status and that can cure poverty.

Profession related to the conjunction of Venus and Rahu

This combination makes the person interested in acting, film production, makeup artist, beautician, animation, etc. Profession with good return of money and fame will always interest a person with this conjunction. A person might pay the consequences of cheating in his profession. They will have diplomacy in their style of dealing with things.

At last, one must know that like everything else, there are astrological remedies for Rahu in different astrology houses too. All you need to do is find the right person to shares those with you.

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