Venus transit in Taurus 2022: Impacts on the zodiac signs


Venus is responsible for the beauty, creativity, and love life of every individual. Moreover, this planet deals with marriage, relationships, and children, according to astrology, and the zodiac signs that Venus rules are Taurus and Libra. Although when Venus transit in Taurus 2022 will occur, the natives of many zodiac signs have to go through some hard times. It is extra auspicious when Venus conjuncts with mercury, Ketu, and Saturn and brings fortune.

Venus Transit in Taurus 2022: Date and time

Venus transits for about 23 days in each zodiac sign. The Venus Transit in Taurus 2022 will occur on June 18, 2022, at 08:06 AM. Since the transit is happening in the ruling sign of Taurus, it shall impact the zodiac signs one way or another.

Let us look at the effects of the Venus Transit in Taurus 2022 on every zodiac sign.

1. Aries

For the Aries natives, the transit 2022 will occur in the 12th house of the natives. In general, it would impact the Aries natives positively.

  • This transit will benefit the natives in their personal life as their romantic relationships will thrive. Their relationship will become stronger during this time.
  • Married people will get to experience a deep connection with their spouses. There are also chances of Aries natives meeting the love of their lives or their soulmates during this transit since Venus represents love.
  • There will be no unnecessary expenditure, although the natives should make sure to save money for their close one’s health.
  • Venus transit in Taurus 2022 will also benefit to resolve family feuds and increase harmony and peace among the family members.
  • Health will be excellent, and people won’t have to worry about any ailments.

2. Taurus

For Taurus men and women, Venus transit will occur in the ascendant of the first house. Therefore, these natives shall see positive impacts.

  • According to the readings, the natives have been saving for a while now, and this is the time when they will get to spend it on relaxation and vacation.
  • Moreover, Taurus natives will find themselves lucky while job searching as they will receive many relatively good offers where their skills will be of use.
  • Romance will rise in their lives. So, Taurus couples would want to take their partners on outings and spend time with them.
  • The planet is with them if they have plans to propose their love to their desired partners. Chances are high that everything will go according to plan without any glitches, and relationships will grow, which will also help in the professional and financial fields.
  • Health might bother the natives a little with minor illnesses. Therefore, our astrologers suggest that they take good care of themselves.

3. Gemini

For the Gemini zodiac sign, Venus transit 2022 will occur in the 2nd house. As a result, it will help the natives of this sign gain control of their life.

  • During Venus transit in Taurus 2022, the native will focus on improving themselves by working on their physical quality, mental capacity, and their emotional intelligence.
  • The natives will want to spend a lot of time caring for their physical appearance and grooming. They will build a healthy diet to make them feel good.
  • Relationships with the spouse will also become stronger than ever, and love will grow between both of them. Love would be there between the couples during Venus transit in Taurus 2022. Thus, it would be the correct time for the Gemini natives to start looking for a partner to spend quality time with.
  • Sharing is caring shall be the motto that the native will follow during this planetary transit in 2022. But make sure not to flex about all the sharing happening.
  • The financial situation will prosper along with professional life. But the natives should be careful while spending money because they are prone to overspending.
  • Health might fluctuate, and the Gemini natives might come in contact with allergic reactions. Thus, natives must mind what they consume.

4. Cancer

For Cancer men and women, Venus transit in Taurus 2022 will affect the 3rd house. As a result, Cancer folks shall see a favorable time during this phase.

  • For Cancer people, the 2022 Shukra Gochar will help in the broadcast and web fields. This time will aid them become socially active only with their constant efforts.
  • Socially these natives will gain success and will meet many great people. Their relationships will grow strong.
  • There are chances for personal time and vacation. However, on the other hand, Cancer natives might have to face problems with their spouses as they will not be as friendly. It will cause mental stress for the natives.
  • These people will tap into their creative side and use that for their professional growth.
  • Health will be good, but they might have to spend some money because of necessary check-ups.

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5. Leo

For Leo natives, 2022 Venus transit in Taurus would affect the 4th house. People would see the effects on their social skills. They will want to work on it and will be appreciated it.

  • Love will be a strong point for these natives as they will want to have someone special, and those looking to get settled will finally be able to.
  • This transit will help the Leo natives come out of their shells and help them become bold and charismatic, which will have them loveable by all.
  • In terms of food, these natives will start to focus on their dining habits and will have a likeness to sour and tangy food.
  • These folks would see their artistic side enhanced by Venus transit in Taurus 2022, and those working in design, music, painting, etc., will have a great time.
  • Professional life will be very great and will prosper. Therefore, natives must make the best use of it.

6. Virgo

For Virgo people, the Shukra Gochar 2022 would occur in the 5th house of their horoscope. As a result, it will help the natives begin a spiritual or physical journey that will ultimately benefit the Virgo natives.

  • Virgo men and women will find their place in the social hierarchy and attain respect in society.
  • People looking for love will be successful during this time as they will be able to find their one and only. If there are prior disputes in their relationship, this period of time will help them resolve those.
  • Family life will help these natives to stay grounded and safe. The natives will grow a good relationship with their father.
  • This Venus transit in Taurus 2022 will bring religious awakening in the natives, which would help them increase their financial growth.

7. Libra

For Libra people, the planetary transit 2022 will occur in the 6th house. As a result, there could occur surprising things, which can be good or bad.

  • Some extra care should be taken for health as there are chances of minor ailments. The natives should go to the doctor with the smallest inconvenience. Moreover, they must avoid driving as much as possible.
  • The natives will be very inclined towards their religious beliefs and indulge in rituals. There shall occur some auspicious rituals in the family that will enhance the love between the natives and their spouses.
  • There are some possibilities that Libra natives might also go on a religious trip with their families.

8. Scorpio

The Venus transit will affect the 7th house of this sign and shall affect the love life the most. Those looking to get married will get their wish granted, and those in a marriage will receive a great deal of attention and love from their spouse.

  • Professionally these natives will gain success and will prosper in their work. Also, the business partnership will thrive because of Venus transit in Taurus 2022.
  • Those looking to settle in outer countries will be successful in their endeavors, but these natives have to be careful about financial expenditure.
  • Also, Scorpio men and women might have to spend money for marriage ceremonies, etc.

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9. Sagittarius

This transit will happen in the 8th house of the sign Because of it, the health and professional life of the natives will see the impacts.

  • The natives will have to be careful when it is about their love life, as minor disagreements can cause great harm to the relationship.
  • The workplace will be dangerous for a while as their opponents may look for a chance to beat them in their work. Be careful of everyone.
  • Financially, the natives’ hands might get tight as they might have to spend a lot on expensive things. They might even think of taking out loans.
  • If the natives are looking for government jobs and are about to give exams for it, success is most likely the outcome.
    They will also build a strong relationship with their maternal side.
  • Health might deteriorate a bit, so it is advisable to avoid junk food.

10. Capricorn

This transit will affect the 9th house of the sign and show results on love and children. It will also impact the education, joy, and personal time of the natives.

  • Love life will thrive during this time, and most likely have a fantastic time in their relationship.
  • Capricorn natives will also see impacts on their partners as they will benefit them. The attraction and love towards their partners will grow and prosper.
  • There are chances of the family growing for the natives and their spouses.
  • Students will become more dedicated to their studies and eventually get good results.

11. Aquarius

The Venus transit in Taurus will influence the 10th house for Aquarius men and women and will likely affect family relationships, especially the mother of the natives, property, and home life.

  • It will be an auspicious time for the natives to buy a house or a vehicle. Moreover, it will lead to spending money, but this is necessary.
  • Chances are also there that the natives might move away from their home to a faraway and unknown place. The natives suggest taking special care of their father’s health as they might not feel their best.
  • The natives will be dedicated to their work and will attain appreciation from their seniors. Chances of increased salary and promotions are also there.

12. Pisces

For Pisces people, Venus transit in Taurus 2022 would occur in the 11th house. Therefore, people will see impacts on their siblings and communication skills.

  • Natives belonging to the field of arts and are associated with acting and media will have immense success. Social skills will improve a lot which will benefit them by helping them make a good impression on others.
  • It will also cause them to gain success in their workplace and increase their revenue. The natives might get to go on a small trip. They will also gain fame and success socially.
  • Siblings will be a great support system for these natives as they will help them grow. Parents should be kept under close surveillance as their health is in danger. Minor ailments should consult with the doctors.

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