Want to earn name and fame in life? Try these astrological remedies

Want to earn name and fame in life Try these astrological remedies

In today’s world, who doesn’t want fame and recognition? Obviously, everyone wants to be. Every time in your childhood you might have seen Bollywood celebrities, the cricketers, or any other famous person. The thought that might have struck your mind, the very next moment would have been “Oh God! I also want to be that famous.” Well, fame costs and one has to pay with sweat. But sometimes, your hard work doesn’t pay off well due to your ineffective planets or maybe some other reason.

Astrology, the language of God has remedies for everything. Practiced in various countries over the ages, the astrological remedies fulfill your wishes and acts as a cherry on the cake. Astrology, when accompanied by the hard work is the most powerful and then no one can stop you. So, brace up yourselves as your dream of getting fame is soon going to be accomplished. In this article, some astrological remedies for getting fame have been mentioned which will change your destiny for sure.

Red Flowers for fame

The color red is the symbol of energy while the flower fragrance represents fame. So, it is believed keeping red flowers on your main desk of the office expands the energy. South is considered the direction of fire. Hence, placing red or orange flowers in the south corner of your desks signifies your name also gets spread like the soothing and pleasing fragrance of the beautiful flowers.

However, while placing the flowers, one must take care that they are not artificial as they have no significance and will give no outcome. In case, you cannot keep flowers in the south corner of your table, don’t worry. There is an alternative to that too. In such a case, it is advisable to place a green plant in the south corner of your desk as it signifies growth and is considered to bring name and fame.


The South direction is often associated with Lord Shani and Lord Hanumana. The South is the direction associated with fire. Also, the number has great significance as it is believed to be the number of the god of power, Lord Hanumana. Hence, by lightning nine candles in the southeast corner of your desk please the Gods and increases one’s fame.


By lighting candles or keeping flowers, one’s fame increases but at the same time, it is important to be direction specific. There may be many people in your office or many members in your family so it has to be directive whose fame has to be grown? So, it is advised while lightning nine candles or placing the red or orange flowers, one must keep his her photo behind it to specify the direction of energy. In addition, if you want to inflate the fame of your company or business, then you should place your’s company logo behind it. Placing your photo or your company’s logo in a red frame leads to more positive outcomes.

Sindoor for fame

Lord Hanuman is the mightiest. You need to visit a Hanuman temple and bring sindoor from the right toe of Lord Hanuman’s deity. The reason behind this belief is that His feet are the most powerful. The region below our ring finger is the region of Sun and Sun is the symbol of fame. So, this remedy states one should place a pinch of Sindoor of Lord Hanuman’s feet in this region beneath their ring finger. One has to make a small dot of sindoor every day in this region. This remedy is considered the most powerful of all and brings one fame for sure.

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