What Are The Remedies To Get Rid Of Black Magic As Per Astrology?

black magic in astrology

Black magic in astrology is a form of dark or negative energy that can harm an individual’s life. It often pertains to unexplained health issues, abrupt changes in behavior or personality, financial losses, relationship issues, strange occurrences or paranormal activities, unexplained bad luck or misfortune, and intuition or gut feeling. Seeking guidance from a qualified astrologer or spiritual practitioner is good for proper analysis and remedies.

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How real is black magic?

The concept of black magic is complex and varies greatly across cultures and belief systems. Some people believe in the existence of this practice and attribute it to negative or malicious energy that many can use to harm others. However, on the other hand, others view it as superstitious or mythical. The reality of this practice is subjective and often debated, and opinions differ depending on one’s cultural, religious, and personal beliefs.

From a scientific perspective, there is no concrete evidence to support the existence of black magic as a supernatural phenomenon. The claims of black magic often depend on subjective experiences and anecdotes, which may not hold up to scientific scrutiny. Many of the purported effects of this practice can also attribute to psychological factors, such as the placebo effect or the power of suggestion.

However, from a sociocultural perspective, it may hold significance for some communities and individuals who believe in its existence. It may be a deep ingrain in cultural traditions, folklore, and religious practices. Moreover, you can see it as a spiritual or metaphysical energy that can impact one’s life. The belief in this practice can have psychological and emotional effects on individuals who believe they are under its influence, leading to fear, anxiety, and stress.

It’s important to note that the practice of black magic if it exists, is often unethical and morally wrong, as it involves intentionally causing harm to others. In many jurisdictions, it is also illegal to engage in practices pertaining to it, such as spells, curses, or hexes, if they cause harm or violate laws.

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What are the signs of black magic in astrology?

Here are some common signs that indicate the presence of dark magic in astrology:

  • Sudden and unexplained health issues: If you experience sudden and unexplained health issues, such as severe illness, chronic pain, or recurring ailments, without any apparent medical cause, it may be considered a sign of black magic. These health issues may persist despite medical treatments and can be because of negative energy directed toward you.
  • Abrupt changes in behavior or personality: If you notice abrupt changes in your behavior, personality, or mood swings that are not in line with your usual nature, it may be a sign of black magic. It could include sudden aggression, depression, anxiety, fear, or irrational behavior that is out of character for you.
  • Unexplained financial losses: It often impacts an individual’s financial situation negatively. If you experience sudden and unexplained financial losses, such as business failures, loss of job, or unexpected expenses, it may attribute to the influence of black magic.
  • Relationship issues: These often pertain to creating disharmony and conflicts in relationships. If you notice persistent issues, misunderstandings, or conflicts in your personal or professional relationships. Moreover, if they seem unexplained and have no apparent resolution, it may be a sign of dark magic.
  • Strange occurrences or paranormal activities: It possesses a connection with the spirit world. Therefore, unexplained paranormal activities or strange occurrences, such as hearing voices, seeing shadows, or experiencing inexplicable sensations, may be a sign of dark magic.
  • Unexplained bad luck or misfortune: If you notice a sudden and persistent streak of bad luck or misfortune in various aspects of your life, such as accidents, failures, or setbacks, it may be because of it.
  • Intuition or gut feeling: Intuition or gut feeling is often considered a powerful tool in astrology. If you have a strong gut feeling or intuition that you are under the influence of negative energy or dark magic, it may be a sign to investigate further.

Remedies to get rid of black magic 

Here are some proven remedies to get rid of black magic as per astrology: 

Identify the source of black magic

Before you apply any remedies, it is important to identify the source of the black magic. You can do this through astrology or the help of an expert astrologer. Once you identify the source, the astrologer can recommend the appropriate remedies. 

Wear protective amulets

Astrology recommends wearing protective amulets such as black tourmaline, tiger’s eye, or obsidian. These amulets absorb negative energy and protect the wearer from harm. They can be worn as jewelry or carried in a pocket or purse. 

Perform puja and yagya

Puja is a form of worship that involves offering prayers, flowers, and food to a deity or deities. Yagya is a fire ritual that priests perform. Both puja and yagya possess the power to remove negative energies and bring positivity and protection. You may usually see such rituals These rituals in temples or at home under the guidance of an expert priest. 

Use mantras

Mantras are powerful sounds or phrases people chant to bring positive energy and protection. Some mantras effective in countering black magic include the Mahamrityunjaya mantra, the Gayatri mantra, and the Hanuman Chalisa. Chant these mantras daily, preferably in the morning. 

Use gemstones

Certain gemstones have protective powers and can counteract black magic. Some of them include black onyx, black agate, and black sapphire. These gemstones can be worn as jewelry or carried in a pocket or purse. 

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Seek the help of a professional astrologer

If the black magic is severe, seek the help of a professional astrologer. The astrologer can perform a detailed analysis of the horoscope and recommend the appropriate remedies. They may also suggest performing specific rituals or puja to remove the negative energies.

Practice meditation and yoga

Meditation and yoga are practices that calm the mind and bring positive energy. Regular practice of these techniques can help counteract the negative energies of black magic. They can also help improve overall well-being and bring a sense of balance and harmony. 

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