What is a Navamsa or D9 Chart and Why It’s Important

D9 Chart

The D9 chart is nothing but one of the important Divisional charts. It is the 9th division of a Rashi (Sign). 1 Rashi is 30 Degree, if you divide it to 9 that you get 3 Degree 20 Minute each. So every sign has 9 equal divisions. Every division is distributed among 12 Signs (Aries to Pisces).

  • The Fiery sign (1,5,9) are started from Aries and ending to Sagittarius.
  • The Earthy Sign (2,6,10) is started from Capricorn to Virgo.
  • The Airy Sign (3,7,11) are started from Libra to Gemini.
  • The Watery Sign (4,8,12) are started from Cancer to Pisces.

How to Analyse D9 Chart:


If any planet having the same sign in D1 as well as in D9 the planet becomes Vargottam, it will enhance its strength and becomes powerful. There are also 3 Sub-Categories of Vargottam.

Uccha Vargottam: Any Planet exalted in both in D1 and D9, it becomes super powerful. Like Sun in Aries Sign both in D1 and D9.

Neecha Vargottam: Any Planet debilitated in both D1 and D9, it becomes very powerless. Like Saturn in Aries Sign both in D1 and D9.

Uccha- Neecha Vargottam or Neecha-Uccha Vargottam: If any planet gets Exalted in D1 and Debilitated in D9 or Debilitated in D1 and Exalted in D9 than its Strength becomes Average, that means it is Neither Good Nor Bad, it is only 50% Powerful.

How to use and why it’s important:

  • D9 Chart is used to know the actual strength of any planets.
  • It is used for marriage and partnership analysis.
  • It is used for to know the Luck/Destiny.
  • Some people say it’s activated after marriage, or in or after 32 or 36 years of age. However, it is activated right from our birth time.
  • But one thing without the D1, D9 is nothing. Thus, D1 is the main chart and D9 is secondary that is, it is only a supportive chart, not an independent chart.

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