Which Indian Dessert You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Which Indian Dessert You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Do you wanna find out which Indian dessert are you according to your zodiac sign? Yes, you are on the right page to find it.

Being Indian and living in India we beat the drum on several festivals in a single year. Therefore, kids and even the grown-ups binge on eating sweets during these festivals. Be it Rasgullas and gulab jamuns brought by our fathers on Diwali or Gujiyaas made by our moms on Holi we enjoy each and every single bit of all of them. There is an infinite number of sweets in India. Moreover, every zodiac sign is represented by different sweets according to astrology.

Therefore, they should prioritize eating them. Down here are the sweets according to your zodiac sign.


Aries are attracted to hot, fiery, deep-fried sweets as they see their reflection in them. so according to their nature, Gulab Jamun is the best sweet. it has extra toppings, fried, and served hot but is surprisingly very soft from inside just like Aries.


People born under this sign like to keep things simple and sweet. So for this baby of all the zodiac sign, sweet Ras Malai is the aptest as it matches the sweet, soft and colorful, nature of this zodiac sign. It also symbolizes stability and sensibility.


Soan papdi is the best sweet for these unstable, bouncy balls like Geminis. They are always flipping and jugglings things around so you never know what is about to come. Soan papdi is like that too. The moment you take it out from the box, it is all over the place.


Cancer is very tough from outside and hard to break, but they are actually very soft-hearted from inside. So for Cancerians the sweet that matches their characteristic features is Jalebi. hot, crisp from the outside but surprisingly soft and gooey from inside.


So now comes the royal and overconfident Leo, the king of all the zodiac sign. For this royal Leo, Motichoor laddoo suits the best. This kingly gifted laddoo, especially during the Diwali season, is put on the plates mostly for show. Therefore it matches a lot with the king of the signs, Leo.


Being health-conscious, Virgos are always in search of low sugar food items especially when it comes to sweets. So the only sweet that matches their characteristic feature is Anjeer Barfi.


Karachi halwa would only be the best for a sign like Libra. sweet and depthless, bright orange in color so that you can take awesome pictures.


Kaju katli is an integral sweet of festivals, so are Scorpions. they go hand in hand as, both excellent in bringing out the best reaction from the people.


As Sagittarius people are the life and light of the party and in search to make people happy around, so is Besan laddoo- sweet and soft.


Mysore Pak, boring and hard with dull brown color but melts in the mouth just as Capricorns when they are in the arms for their beloved. Cap goats are the perfect match for this Indian dessert.


If any mithai could be the fashion influencer it would be a Malai sandwich. Liked by everyone having quite a good amount of followers.


For these talented, creative, and imaginative Pisces, Gujiya would be the best option for a sweet to hop on during the festive season. it is also made with great care and time.

These were some juicy-sweet conversations about Indian dessert and zodiac signs.

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