5 Reasons Why Aquarius is the Best Zodiac Sign


Stumble upon an Aquarian once and you will be equally marveled and shocked. These adorably blunt, unpredictable, rebellious, versatile intellectuals can move anybody. The water bearers are born between January 21 and February 20 and under the Air element which makes them quick & curious. Such men and women summaries and ironically put up the enigmatic way of life. We have already said a lot about Aquarians like how Aquarius women and Aquarius men are at their very core. Did we mention why Aquarius is the Best Zodiac Sign? No? So, As the Aquarius season 2020 is here, let us explore their wonderful traits.

Independent Spirit

Independent Spirit

An Aquarian is a drummer who beats their lives on their own tunes. They set the tempo, fix the bar and hold the sticks to make the people roll on the stage on their rhythm. In addition to their sweet tone added with the blunt tongue, they are exceptional recalcitrant when they are told to do something. Aquarius’s headstrong qualities push them to isolate themselves from anyone who feels they can control their lives. When the mob goes left an Aquarian would definitely everyone go right.

While Aquarians often appear emotionally cold and distant, once you get to know them, these are extremely pleasant and easy to get along with. Nevertheless, don’t allow that mugwump streak to fool you.

Humanitarian Soul

In the virtual era, the heart of a humanitarian is a real asset. You may find a fine number of good habits in an Aquarius. However, one that leaves the greatest impact is their beautiful heart. These people always have a broad viewpoint before they act. They calculate the amount of benefit their act would draw in the life of others. Despite their real jobs, these water bearers are always involved in humanitarian activities. Significantly, their noble persona makes them the best Zodiac Sign.

Well, they also know where to invest their emotions and money. Thus, it is not easy to fool around them.

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Intelligence & Excellence

Intelligence & Excellence

Frankly, amongst all the zodiac signs, Aquarius is the sign of innovation, excellence, and wisdom mixed with wit & humor. For instance, Iron Man. Identical to the other Air Signs Libra and Gemini Aquarians are deep thinkers who sink into the dept of an issue to pull out the solution.

The characteristic of self-assured and self-reliance powerful with an Aquarian. Their simplest routine doesn’t follow a simple track. Even in a completely unknown city, on a random day, they might go out on their own to figure out their capacity for subsistence. In that too, you cannot possibly expect them to follow the crowd. No. An AQUARIUS IS NOT MADE FOR THAT.

These people are always up to sing a different tune. Owing to their risk-taking trait, these people easily conquer areas like creativity and philosophy.

Unconventional, Happy & Luring

In Astrology, Aquarius is considered as the most loyal zodiac sign. In addition to this, they hold a strong will to find out and light up the best in every person around them. They have a supreme ability to see a person’s bright side. However, they’d do anything but fix in a given box. They always spill the humor, laughter, and satire. In a world full of monotonous day-to-day life, who needs a dull friend? Or a friend who always follows someone else or is worried about their public image?

An Aquarian understands the theme of friendship, love, and joy. They keep the vibrant cloak of reality on their persona. In an Aquarian friend, a person can always find a bit of themselves that eventually gives a feeling of home. What else do we search in friendship more than that? They always make you remember yourself through them and yet always feel something new about them. Brazen and free, yet compassionate. I believe this is one of the best explanations about an Aquarian.

Drifting to their humorous angle, Aquarians master the art of sarcasm. Wickedly sarcastic, even an Aquarian flirting talent typically includes roasting the other.

Upkeep Spontaneous Attitude

Aquarian folks are tremendously idiosyncratic.

Both a blessing and a problem with Aquarians is they are stupendously spontaneous. Be it a response meanwhile their Roasting Session or a plan on the weekend, like their behavior, it is nothing predictable about an Aquarius. Every person has a dream of their friends calling them out completely out of the blue for adventures and trips. In the normal way, Aquarians can be that friend on the account of their unforeseeable nature.

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