Will Bjp’s Devendra Fadnavis become the second term chief minister?

Devendra Fadnavis

Elections in Maharashtra are about to be held and it has the interest of people across the country. Thus, the Prashna or query is “Will BJP candidate become Chief Minister of Maharashtra 2019?

Let us see the analysis through K.P. System of Prashna Astrology

The Chief Ministerial candidate for BJP is Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, CM of Maharashtra for the last five years. The Prashna is, “Will Devendra Fadnavis be the CM of Maharashtra for the period 2019 and beyond for 5 years”?

Prashna selected randomly at the Latitude I was, and the Prashna number 181. During that time, in the Heaven’s map, Udaya Lagna was in Dhanur and deposited in Moola nakshatra and in sub of Shani. Today, Guru’s sign lorded by Ketu, Ketu conjunction with Shani, and Rahu 180 degree away (reverse)

Today, being Wednesday, and Chandra in Vrichika in Anuradha nakshatra, with Shukra, Guru, and Budh in Rashi. Prashna Lagna (181) sputa cusp falls in Dhanur and in Purvashada nakshatra and in sub of Guru, and Guru in Jyeshta nakshatra

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis

Also, we are aware BJP and Shivsena both are vying for CM post in Maharashtra. The Prashna Lagna analysis has to confirm the same and also with the Prashna number.

  • In the K.P Prashna chart, Shukra is 6th, 10th, and 11th cusp lord
  • 6th denotes contest
  • 7th denotes Opposition
  • 10th denotes Career
  • 11th denotes fulfillment of success
  • Guru is Lagna lord and Jyeshta which is Mercury, 7th lord
  • Guru in 12th, and Mercury in 11th bhava

The Prashna Lagna tallied with Prashna number and query i.e. Will Devendra Fadnavis beats Aditya Thackeray in getting the CM post for 2019 and beyond?

  • The 6th cusp falls in Rishabh in Mrigasirsa nakshatra and in sub of Rahu.
  • Rahu is in the 6th bhava
  • The 12th cusp falls in Vrichika in Jyeshta nakshatra and in sub of Rahu. The planet Rahu is in 6th bhava of his Kundli.
  • Further, the 11th cusp falls in Thula in Visaka Nakshatra and in sub of Chandra in Anuradha nakshatra. Here, Chandra is in 11th bhava and Shani in Lagna.
  • Also, Shani Dasa running in Prashna chart (Chandra in Anuradha nakshatra in sub of Ravi in sub of Shani)
  • Ravi in 10th bhava (in Thula)

As a result of the positive aspect in the Kundli, Devendra Fadnavis will become CM of Maharashtra in 2019

A supportive period?

The following astrological aspects are the positive points in Devendra Fadnavis’s Kundli-

Lagna significators- Shani, Guru, Chandra, Shukra
2nd Bhava Significators- Budha, Shani, Chandra
3rd Bhava Significators- Budha, Shani, Chandra
6th bhava Significators- Ravi, Shani, Ketu, Rahu, Shukra
7th bhava Significators- Guru, Budha
Bhagyasthana Significators- Ravi, Kuja
10th bhava Significators- Ravi, Shani, Ketu, Shukra
11th bhava Significators- Kuja, Guru, Shani, Ketu, Shukra, Budha, Chandra

Current Period-

  • Shani Dasha Ravi Bhukti Shukra Antara Guru sookshma
  • Shani in Sub of Guru
  • Guru in sub of Shani

Devendra Fadnavis will become chief minister of Maharashtra in 2019, the news will come out in public domain in this week.

These were the major details about Bjp leader Devendra Fadnavis and his chances to win the Maharashtra election 2019. Also, you may like to read Horoscope Analysis of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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