Horoscope Analysis of Prime Minister Narendra Modi


Narendra Damodardas Modi-
Date of Birth- 17 September 1950
Age 68 years
Time of Birth- 11:00 (11:00 AM)
Place of Birth- Vadnagar, India


In recent times, the name of Narendra Modi has touched the mouth of one and all. Regardless of the variety of emotions he receives, the universal popularity P.M. Modi doesn’t stop at all. Has the thought “what makes him rise so high” clicked in anyone’s mind? Well, his chart has the answers to all the questions.

The zodiac sign of Narendra Modi is Scorpio also; he has Scorpio as his ascendant. As a matter of fact, people with Zodiac SignScorpio carry a secretive personality. Nevertheless, P.M. Modi always has a sense of mystery around him which he derives from his personality traits.

Alongside this, his Kundli is affected by Grahan Yog, Pitra Dosh, Manglik Dosh, and Kendrum Yog. Besides, he has beneficial Budhaditya Yog, Ruchak Yog, Mahalaxmi Yog and Neech Bhang Rajyog in his Kundli which offers him immense positive impact in his life and career.

At present, he is under the period of Moon and inter period of Ketu. Also, he is under the influence of a 7.5 year period of Saturn (Sadhesati of Shani). This is a period of mixed results for him both at personal and professional front.

Character Analysis of Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi is a born leader. He is ambitious; beliefs in the independence of thought and action, a firm decision-maker, commanding, robust, courageous, forceful, workaholic, a thinker, and oratorical speaker.

There is a harmony between his thinking and feelings, enabling him to have a firm grasp on reality. He is very practical, able to understand himself and say tactfully exactly what’s in his mind.

Moreover, he is able to see what in his inherent nature prevents him from achieving inner satisfaction and he is able to verbalize this.

With immense self-discipline, self-confidence, and intellectual abilities, he possesses tremendous mental ability and quickness of thought. Besides, he is blessed with a very subtle and versatile mind.

In addition, to P.M. Modi’s independent, self-reliant, and down to earth personality, he has typical conservative thinking. As a product of this, his work & cultural ethics, hard-working nature, charismatic personality, and sheer arrogance makes him stand out of the crowd.

Besides, his traits of being practical and logical approach help him realize his ambitions and fighting against all odds he succeeds in overcoming the challenges. All in all, he is a man of conviction and believes in what he does.

Narendra Modi’s Planet Consideration:

In his Kundli, the lord of 1st & 6th house, Mars (00°56’46”), is situated in 1st house in Scorpio sign in conjunction with Moon (08°48’21”), the lord of 9th house.

In addition, the lord of 8th & 11th house, Mercury (00°46’46”), is situated in 11th house in Virgo sign in conjunction with Sun (00°35’47”), the lord of 10th house and Ketu (05°12’55”).

Also, the lord of 3rd & 4th house, Saturn (29°39’13”), is situated in 10th house in Leo sign in conjugation with Venus (15°41’46”), the lord of 7th & 12th house.

The lord of 2nd & 5th house Jupiter (06°36’36”), is situated in 4th house in Aquarius sign and Rahu (05°12’55”) is situated in 5th house in Pisces sign.
This planetary combination is promising him to sound health, influential personality, power, position, authority and popularity.

In addition, there are indications for his itinerancy, desire for gaining knowledge, inclination towards spirituality and his urge & determination for social equality, justice and development.

Above all, he will have a pivotal role in the cultural, social, economic and moral development of the society. Apart from this, regular allegations, opposition & criticism for his decisions/endeavors, legal proceedings/convictions, non accumulation of wealth & properties (although he will gain money in fists and stats but he will not likely to keep it), paramount struggle in his life and stressful married life leading to separation is on the card.

Future Predictions of Narendra Modi-

At present, he is under the period of Moon and inter period of Ketu. In addition, the transit of sun is in the Cancer sign and that of Saturn is in Sagittarius sign. This is not a very satisfactory period for him and mixed results are expected.

Alignment of planets reveals that an excellent period for him will start after 30th September 2019 when he will experience mental peace and satisfaction.

After this period, Narendra Modi will get far-fetched recognition and acknowledgment of his endeavors and his popularity and fame will increase manifolds. It will be a good time for self-expression and the use of his creative abilities in various fields.

His endeavors will surely fetch him appropriate results and his individual growth will give complete satisfaction.

Whatever stage he will be at, it would be the time to take the next step. Clarity and perception will be very sharp then. Previous work, as well as newly starting works,  will bring good & desired results and all his cherished desires will be fulfilled.

He would be able to enjoy with peace and harmony and his interpersonal skills would be helpful for future developments.

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