Will Donald Trump Lead the United States Again?

Will Donald Trump Lead the United States Again

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the most powerful nation in the World, The United States. Donald Trump defeated Hilary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States. He had a good run concerning his astrology during the phase of 2015-16. It seemed like the planetary motions have halt themselves and thus there is going to be only the luck of good henceforth in the life of the President of the United States. Now, in the year 2020, again it is the monsoon of elections in the United States and Donald Trump will be contesting for his second period. It will be interesting to see that will Donald Trump lead the United States again?

Donald J Trump was born on the 14th of June 1946. He was born under Leo ascendant. The people belonging to this ascendant are often creative, intelligent, and a bit funny too. We can see all these qualities in the U.S President. Leaders of various nations admire him for his intelligence and the bold way of his administration. The powerful man of America is also well-known for his sense of humor and is often thrashes his opponents with his unique sense of humor.

Why the United States is unhappy with Donald Trump?

Donald Trump was born on a full moon day and thus owns an interesting birth chart. The presence of Yoga karaka planet in his horoscope says that he owns a Rajyog in the Kundli. The Rajyog had made him won the Presidential elections in the year 2016 and it is also be noticed that there are major chances of the planets in the Kundali of Mr. President to change their motion and get back on a good track as they had been at the time of the Presidential elections of 2016.

At present, there is a placement of the Moon with Ketu and the result of this has been the formation of Grahan Dosha in his Kundli. That is the reason Trump is facing a bit of criticism in his nation at present.

The decisions by him are not forming the part of acknowledgment by the citizens of his country and thus the result has been coming out in the form of criticism. At present, it would be no wrong to say that the popularity of Donald Trump is been decreasing and it is not working right for him even though he is trying his best.

Donald Trump to make a strong comeback.

All of his hard work is going into vain because of the above-mentioned point, which is the Grahan Dosha. The Presidential elections are going to be held in the month of November 2020. Until then there is every chance of movement of the planets towards the Rajyog in the Horoscope of Trump. Thus, it would be very difficult on the part of his opponents to defeat him in the elections.

Undergoing of Maha Dasha by the planet Jupiter can be seen at the time of the presidential elections of 2020. Formation of  Antar Dasha by Saturn and Pratyantar Dasha by Rahu may result in Rahu being under his favor. Thus forming a large influence on the strategies that he is going to hold during the upcoming elections.

The President owns a unique technique of magnifying people with his speech and the extra added advantage of his stars would play a major role in diverting the majority of the population towards him.

Will Donald Trump lead the United States again?

Thus, the stars of the U.S President are currently moving on the path that is causing a low in his tenure. The President may be on a lower side at present. His countrymen might be criticizing him but this is suspected not to last for a longer period according to his horoscope. The stars in the horoscope of the President are returning to their normalcy. This means there are all the chances for the President to come back stronger and better like never before. The world is looking towards the United States right now. Also, the other contenders for the post are eyeing the chair of U.S President. Now it would be interesting to know will Donald Trump lead the United States again.

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