World Music Day: Know which combinations lead to success in a Musical career

World Music Day

Music is an art that keeps the world going. Whether you are happy or sad, music is everyone’s go-to thing that keeps one’s heart and would together Moreover, it refreshes the mind and can connect from one’s heart. It is the voice of the soul and friend of the human. In addition, this field i.e. the musical carer is emerging these days. The World has given us many singers but only a few get recognized. So today on the occasion of World Music Day, check if you have these astrological combinations that could make you a famous singer.

Planets responsible for a musical career- World Music Day


 Moon is the symbol of mind, feelings, and emotions. The mon is the planet of a singer. The way the moon changes its shape daily, similarly, a musician changes the rhythm. It is the most important aspect of a singer.


The planet Venus represents Music, media, dancing, musical instruments, and magnetic things. For a God singing career, Venus should be connected with Mercury, Moon, and the second house or the lord of the second house.


Mercury is the planet responsible for communication. In addition, this planet’s connection with Venus or the second house is a good combination for a musical career.

Houses that represents singing career

First House

The first house reflects the true personality if an individual. It means the person itself. The first house is the key house because all the performance has to be performed by the individual only.

Second House

The second house is responsible for one’s speech and voice ability. The second house, it’s lord, planet placed or influencing the second house will depict how sweet or loud your voice will be.

Third House

The third house is the house of labor. This depicts a small performance.

Fifth House

Furthermore, the fifth house is the house of production. Also, it is this house that represents the film industries.

Tenth House

The tenth house of one’s horoscope indicates success, fame, name, and reputation.

Eleventh House

The eleventh house gives success and fulfills all desires.

Other Astrological combinations

  • As the second house represents speech therefore if the ascendant lord or second house is a Benefice, exalted, and placed together, then the individual will become a great singer.
  • Similarly, if benefic planets are placed in the third house or are related to ascendents in the tenth house, the person has great singing skills.
  • If the second house and it’s lord which firms connection with the singing significance as Mercury or Venus and third, fifth, tenth or eleventh house and it’s lord then the native has a probability of becoming a great singer.
  • Moon with Trikona or placed in quadrant first, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, or tenth bless the native with artistic skills.
  • If the second or twelfth house is placed together, it is a good combination for singing.
  • On your birth chart, if benefic planets are present in the second house, Venus in the third house. And, the third lord as a benefit planet placed in the fourth one indicates a successful singer who will earn name and fame through singing career.
  • The strong lord of second house and Venus, related to the tenth house indicates a singing career.
  • If the first, the second, and the eleventh house and it’s lord have a connection with each other, then the individual becomes a great singer.
  • The familiar singers should have a strong moon and Venus. It can either be in ascendent or in the second, fifth, or the tenth house, own house, exaltation, etc. Else they won’t be as famous as their mother or father in the singing field.

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