Yellow Topaz Stone- Astrological Benefits and How to Wear it

Topaz Stone- Astrological Benefits and How to Wear it

Topaz Stone is a luminous gem. It is one of the hardest and naturally occurring stones that is available in many colors. Among multiple colors, the Yellow Topaz, Blue Topaz, and Pink Topaz are the most popular across the world. It is a natural abundance found in many corners of the world. Traditionally, Topaz stone is the birthstone of Natives born in November. However, after the suggestion of an expert astrologer, other people can also wear it.

Yellow Topaz is the gemstone for the planet Jupiter. It comprises the energies to strengthen the position of Jupiter in a Kundali. There are uncountable benefits of this radiant stone. A gift of abundance, learning, and skills is one of the major benefits of this gem. It influences the aspects governed by Planet Jupiter.

Yellow Topaz and Jupiter in Kundali

Jupiter is the largest planet of the Solar System. Alongside its magnificence, it governs many major aspects of our life. Jupiter is the planet of fortune and learning. In Astrology, mainly, it denotes to spirituality and learning. It signifies learning, teacher, and fortune. It signifies all the elements that make you generous, wise, and rich.

Jupiter bestows a different kind of effects according to its placement in the birth chart. With a well placed Jupiter in Birth Chart, you become wise and fortunate. However, a weak Jupiter brings tremendous health, mental, and financial issues. Besides, it makes you immoral and unstable.

In such a condition, there are numerous remedies for Jupiter. Wearing a Yellow Topaz is also one of the best remedies for Jupiter. Nonetheless, to gain maximum benefits, you must consult an expert astrologer before wearing the stone.

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Astrological Benefits of Wearing Yellow Topaz

  • The yellow color of the stone denotes Jupiter. Thus, it can induce a positive effect of the planet in your life.
  • Despite its affordable cost, Yellow Topaz gemstone is famous for miraculous astrological advantages. It is both an energetic gemstone and astonishing jewelry.
  • This stone comprises the rays of Sun and is also ruled by the mighty Sun. Therefore, it offers enchanting healing abilities.
  • Wearing Yellow Topaz stone makes you attain a generous and mature personality.
  • It brings stability in your professional as well as your personal life.
  • Especially, in marital life, it brings bliss and harmony between you and your partner.
  • This is an effective stone to bring down the level of despair and sorrows and add positive energy in life.
  • Providing calmness and peace to you, it adds happiness in your life.
  • It eradicates all the evil thoughts and energies within and around you.
  • According to Medical Astrology, it has the strength to cure several diseases. For instance, anxiety, depression, distress, and trauma of past incidents.
  • In cases of chronic memory loss, insomnia, and liver diseases, Yellow Topaz can be very beneficial. Along with this, it helps to cure a cold, fever, weak digestion, and appetite.
  • This stone can help you fight against mental disorders and nervous breakdowns.
  • If you have an issue of lack of concentration and clarity, Yellow Topaz can be a favorable stone for you. Additionally, it can boost your creativity and learning.
  • Furthermore, it offers great help in controlling anger and aggression. It makes you calm and collected.
  • As this stone is connected with Jupiter, it shares an association with intellect, honesty, and dedication. Thus, it adds all these factors in your personality.

How to Wear it

Yellow Topaz is a highly advantageous stone. However, to attain the maximum benefit, it is important to wear it in the correct manner.

You must purify it with Gangajal, cow’s milk (unboiled), honey, Tulsi leaves, and Ghee before wearing. Ideally, you should wear the stone in a gold ring and in the Index finger of the right hand on a Thursday morning.

Jupiter Mantra-

Recite this Mantra for 108 times

“Om Gram Greem Groom Saha Gurvey Namah”

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