Zodiac Signs in Depression- This is what Triggers their Mind

Zodiac Signs in Depression

As life is all about ups and downs, thinking that life will always go the way we want it to be, makes us fall into potholes. Expecting everything to be colorful and away from darkness is what makes us downhearted.
After analyzing each zodiac sign, I feel like I can throw some light on when and what makes these 12 signs feel that they are in a deep depression. So lets read further what makes these Zodiac Signs in Depression.

1. Aries

They are known as the attention seekers. Aries like being in the spotlight. If they don’t get the attention they want, they feel like something is being done wrong by them.
They may seem like arrogant humans but actually, they are not, they just want people to be attentive towards them. When this doesn’t happen they feel depressed because, for them, the whole point of living is to be the center of attention.
Aries is always in search or you can say they thrive for validations. They want people around them to constantly keep ranting about how much they are needed by them or the world.
To sum up, Aries is the baby among the zodiac signs.

2. Taurus

People born under this sign are very well aware of them being idle and they seriously hate that. They unknowingly put themselves in a position where they feel safe and away from all the bullshit.
But at the same time, deep down, they know that they are barely being productive. This leads them to a world full of sadness.
Taurus needs to continuously walk the road of progress and new experiences.
From this, what I meant was, no one can ever feel the joy of success until they have encountered failures, be it major or minor. And this can only happen if you step out into the real world, ready to cater to you with hardships.

3. Gemini

Geminis are people who are in a disguised external look of being all happy and cheerful but internally they are emotionally broke.
When a Gemini is sad or hurt, everyone around them become sad. Yet, it is not equal to the sadness a Gemini is feeling itself which is 10 times more than what you can feel.
Heartbreaks are what make them get sucked into the hole of utter sadness. They can’t bear the pain given by their loved ones.
For the world, a Gemini is a kind who moves on easily after being hurt but actually the pain inside can never be flushed off from their heart and soul.

4. Cancer

For Cancerians, depression comes from what and how they look to others. They are body conscious and if they don’t look good they get locked into the room of depression.
Yet, to bounce back to their original self they work out and make their way clear.
Cancerians are the people who can’t hide what they feel. They burst out all the emotions and feelings that are threatening them.
When they are sad, they can’t see happiness even if it is right in front of them. In the list of Zodiac Signs in Depression, Cancer is an easy catch because of their sensitive side.

5. Leo

Just as the sign portrays, that is the- the lion- known for ruling what’s around them, they just get whatever they want. When nothing goes their way they feel irritated and powerless. This is what leads them to Depression. A Leo can not stand being unarmed and gutless. They may appear strong-headed however Leo is more vulnerable to gloominess than any other zodiac sign.

6. Virgo

People born under this sign are awfully overthinkers. Though they are very good intuitive power and tell what is going to be wrong next. But sometimes this power can make them vulnerable.
Due to their habit of overthinking, they always see the negative sides and picture the future worst-case scenarios in their head that are bearly going to happen, which lead to the worst possible outcomes. Virgos are extremely pessimistic and that is what makes them feel depressed.
They are bound to the thought of questioning their own existence. That’s another reason for their depression.
So, it better for a Virgo to take life a little bit in an easy way and enjoy what is in the present.

7. Libra

Libras are always in search of people who help. That doesn’t mean they want everyone around them to beg for help or something, it is just that they feel happy and full of life when they help people. This constant need of helping others and making them feel happy becomes a great concern to them. And when this need is not met, they fell into the pit of depression.

8. Scorpio

Scorpions are born warriors. They are ready with their heads up to take everything that life has for them to throw on their face.
They are never more impaired than when they fear something. For them, the biggest problem that brings depression is fear.
It can be anything ranging from fear of unable to help the loved ones to the fear of death.

9. Sagittarius

Sags are known as the one-man army. right? absolutely wrong. Though they prefer walking the road alone when the thought of being alone till the end of their lives hit them, they feel depressed.
Loneliness triggers Sagittarians. They can be seen doing things on their own without any help and being alone all the time because no one can match the vibe they have. So, they prefer being alone but deep down that bothers them more than one can think of.

10. Capricorn

Imperfection is what gets them into depression. Everything, according to them, should be accurate and perfect. They work out throughout their life to get everything on the right path.
The moment, the fact that all the hard work they did will go or is gone to waste hits them, they feel that it is the end of the world. For example, aging makes them worried and conscious of themselves. They will do whatever it takes for them to not look old, even if it is jumping into the boiling oil.

11. Aquarius

Aquarians are actually people from a different planet. They are known for their out-of-the-world personality. They will enjoy the time wherever they go but not being able to relate to people around them is what makes them fall into depression.
People find it hard to figure what’s up with the Aquarians. Sometimes, people give them a hard time being so. Aquarians will prepare for everything up all night that they want to say to you for thinking wrong about their doings. But they are not really good when it comes to defense.

12. Pisces

Pisceans feel most depressed when their own families hurt them or become savage. They are the kind of people for whom family comes first. They are unbothered by petty fights or something here and there. But when something gets messed up in the family, that’s when they are prone to depression.
Pisceans are very sensitive when it comes to family. Hence, this the main reason they get upset. They believe that the bond and love a family shares are to be constant and prevail throughout their lives.

I hope you can now analyze what makes these Zodiac Signs in Depression. Mental Health should be the top priority of everyone around the globe, especially during the pandemic.

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