Zodiac Signs that Hide Feelings- Are you among these 5 signs?

Zodiac Signs that hide feelings

Are you the one who finds it hard to explicit what you feel? or are you one of the zodiac signs who are better at hiding emotions than actually be open about them. If someone can’t express what they genuinely feel does not mean they can not find love or something. They need time to figure out if they are really in love or is it just an infatuation towards that person. There are zodiac signs that hide feelings.

Likewise, some people are better off without partners as they want to live their life with full independence without any restrictions. Others are overthinkers when it comes to commitment. The planetary placements of all the planets at the time of birth symbolizes the type of personality and priorities each person has in their life. Here are 5 Zodiac Signs that hide feelings easily


Aquarian is someone who will dodge around if you ask them about what they feel for you. They are not prime at verbally expressing their emotions. As these people are known for their carefree attitude, it can take a long time for them to get into an intimate relationship. Aquarians, when they find the right person for them, they go in whole-heartedly with a commitment to lifelong relation.

As a result, they need their partners to understand their carefree nature and give them all the space they need at times. Of course, this can be a little frustrating to their partners. Yet, they need to understand it. Aquarians will take a whole decade to say ‘I love you’ and will see things out before making a big commitment.


Virgos’ whole life revolves around perfection. For them, there should be no hardships and obstacles to face when in the midst of the road. They just want to make sure that there’s nothing in between their way before they ‘i like/love you’.

Their perfection is based on an imaginative groundless situation where they find themselves vulnerable to everything.
As a result of constant fear of dealing with the false situations, which the picture in their head, they delay settling into a relationship.


Capricorns solely believe in ‘”WISE MEN SAY ONLY FOOLS RUSH IN LOVE”. Also, they are the kind of people who are goal-oriented and practical.
For them, emotions and feelings are not the things to be mixed with their work/job. They won’t burst out their guts to tell you how they feel for you as for them, work comes first. You should not be hindered by any other thing, unless and until they love their job.

Yet, when they get into a relationship, it doesn’t take time for them to hook off from that relation even if the slightest danger comes on their way. Likewise, they don’t like messing around or cheating on their partner, which is absolutely a good part of the Capricorns. “There is aways the right timing for sharing and expressing emotions and feelings” is what they preach.


Scorpions can resist absolutely any change when it comes to relationships. They express whatever they feel. Still, they don’t want to lose control over their feelings and make sure to keep them as much privacy as they can. When they find someone who they genuinely love, not even a second is wasted by them to say “I like/love you”.

They won’t take these words casually. Scorpions when once get into something wholeheartedly, they won’t bounce back even for the worse. But obviously, they make sure they get enough time and space to make their relationship a longterm one.


If you want a Taurus to express what they feel, then the only thing you need to do is to gain their trust. They feel free to tell each and every single emotion they feel to the person who they can trust blindly. Yet, it is not easy to gain their trust.

As per astrology, people born under this sign are generous and always ready to lend you their shoulders. When others look down upon you.
Taurus needs you to sign a contract that says – “I WILL KILL MYSELF IF I BREAK YOUR TRUST” if you want him/her to be open about their feelings.

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