Zodiac signs who choose external beauty over a kind heart

Zodiac signs who choose external beauty over a kind heart

Someone who genuinely cares about others and has a compassionate heart is a lot better spouse than someone who only exudes physical beauty. Right? Further read Zodiac signs who choose external beauty over a kind heart.

Some zodiac signs, however, just cannot resist the temptation of outward beauty; they frequently favor someone with obvious charms over someone whose best qualities are more subdued.

So, from Scorpio to Aries, here are some zodiac signs which favor physical attractiveness over compassion.


The Scorpios do have partnerships with compassionate individuals with a golden heart when it comes to this water sign, one of Zodiac signs who choose external beauty over a kind heart.


However, such partners frequently feel oppressed by the domineering Scorpion, which leads them to ultimately break up.

When Scorpios do decide to settle down, they nearly invariably go with someone who personality is physically more appealing by society than they themselves are.

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Though they consider themselves charitable, people born under this zodiac sign have a fairly high opinion of themselves. In their personal lives, they discover that they are drawn to partners who will raise their standing among their peers.


They cherish inner beauty, but they can’t help but be drawn to a lovely face brings them to the category of Zodiac signs who choose external beauty over a kind heart. To their credit, they don’t always pay attention to their spouse’s financial situation; and, they marry when they fall head over heels for someone’s physical attractiveness.

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Aries is the most diligent and ardent learner of all the signs of the zodiac. However, this fire sign also has its own shortcomings and difficulties in life.


They tend to make friends with those they believe will be beneficial to their social standing since they are profoundly inspired by those with high social standing.

They nearly never choose a partner based solely on personality traits, preferring instead to date attractive people.

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Those from the Virgo sign are drawn to intelligent partners. They prefer attractive people over clever ones for casual dating, but if they intend to date someone for a long time, they are more practical in their selections.

They enjoy researching and making plans for a safe and secure future, and they will not support anything that makes them feel uncertain.


On the contrary, there are zodiac signs which are attracted to intelligence and in doing so prefer brains over beauty. Here are those signs. Check to see if you are one of them!


Geminis will catch your attention by skillfully dropping a funny comment throughout a chat. This cerebral sign always has a lot of unanswered questions, which makes them stand out even in casual conversation.

Therefore, nothing makes a Gemini more impressed than someone who can challenge their thinking and express their thoughts.


The preferences of a Gemini man and woman do, however, differ slightly. Gemini women are more drawn to intelligence than Gemini men are, who are more drawn to attractive looks.

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One of the more intelligent zodiac signs is Aquarius because they are constantly seeking out new information. A common trait among them is street smarts.


They love dating someone who shares their academic interests because they are intelligent people themselves. People who can’t match their intelligence tend to tire them. Intelligence is what both Aquarius men and women are drawn to first.


Virgos are renowned for having an insatiable curiosity. They are the ones with a vast knowledge base that will enable them to escape challenging circumstances.


People born under this sign enjoy dating clever and skilled individuals. They like to meet someone who has taken the time to educate and prepare themselves to succeed in life when they are looking to date someone for a long period. Both Virgo men and Virgo women value intelligence above anything else.

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Scorpios aim for a distinct type of intelligence. Water is the element for this sign, indicating a strong connection to one’s emotions.


A Scorpio, therefore, prioritizes emotional intelligence. They like a partner who understands their feelings and manages relationships sympathetically. In other words, they seek a partner who has a deeper understanding of them.


Capricorns favor the cerebral over muscular partners. Although less important than someone with brains, attractiveness is still important to this sign. Rationality and reasoning rank among the qualities that Capricorns value most in a person.


They are known to be ambitious, workaholics, and they consistently outperform everyone around them, which is why they like to date someone who is just as ambitious and hard-working as a Capricorn.

Final note

Astrology is said to reveal a lot about a person. Regarding dating, everyone has their own preferences. You might be drawn to someone who is highly romantic and sweeps you off your feet during the first meeting, or you might be drawn to the tall, dark, and gorgeous kind. You might be drawn to someone who is mysterious like a Scorpio or free-spirited like a Sagittarius.

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