10 Things to know if having sex with a Capricorn

10 Things to know if having sex with a Capricorn

Different signs have different traits in their behaviour as well as characteristics. Same applies to their sex life and then, as a sex partner. Having said that, there are so many facts that are still unknown to a lot of people out there. Learn these 10 Things to know if having sex with a Capricorn.

So, being known to every fact related to Capricorns before you head out to the sexual exploration with your partner. Sometimes, some things are better off unknown because that gives an instant turn on but let’s get to know the most important things for your smooth experience.

1. Satisfaction until the last breath

They are not the kind of people who give up easily! They make it memorable till the last moment of the deed because satisfaction is what they crave for, for both the partners.


So get hold of your stamina because they are not going to stop until they are satisfied with the sexual act of pleasure. Giving up isn’t something they ought to do because their level of stamina and self control is at the top most level of their reach. This is one of the main pointer of 10 Things to know if having sex with a Capricorn.

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2. Adventurous

They might also be calm and composed however in bed, you are in for an adventure. A roller coaster ride perhaps. They enjoy making love by means of new things and techniques that might leave you amused and add on to the moment.


In fact, some things are better off when they happen all of a sudden, just like a kinky move will leave you all turned on. So don’t be startled when they advocate BDSM or quirky positions in bed because exploration and Capricorns go hand-in-hand.

3. Never rush

Capricorns do no longer like being rushed. They like to take matters at their personal pace and make it their moment to Ace. Don’t try to rush it or do anything to ruin the pace because you will regret losing the pleasure of all times.


As it is said, “Slow and Steady wins the race” so let you both win that moment of sexual pleasure slowly and steadily. Patience and persistence is the key to ultimate satisfaction in bed because a Capricorn has a lot laid for you so get your seatbelts tightened!

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4. Skip the works

You don’t want to be extravagant in putting the mood. All these plants and candles and so forth are now not their thing. What they are fascinated in is the romantic bone in you, your personality.


They always want the reciprocation from their partners when it comes to sex and that is something really important which you should keep in mind. So, light your partner by the heat inside your soul and let rise the wildness of the Capricorn because you wouldn’t want to miss that side of your Capricorn partner!

5. Actions speak louder than words

You see, Capricorns are more of a “doing” person rather than a “saying” person. So don’t expect them to speak their heart out and wait for the magical act of their sensuality!


Being patient isn’t something they do well with. Instead, you need to be patient with them and let them mould themselves accordingly which in turn will give rise to an unimaginable experience for you.

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6. Wise chooser

Don’t misunderstand them for being a desperate fellow who would get laid down with anyone and everyone they see on the street because if you do, you are making a mistake big time!


They are very picky when it comes to choosing their sex partners. If you’re one with intellectual knowledge and personality, it is enough to make them fall for you because they crave such characteristics. 

7. Dominating Nature

If you’re into having all the sex with your Capricorn partner, you better be ready to experience a hot yet dominating one because they don’t like to get laid, but the other way round! If you are a Capricorn too, then god save you both because the level of domination you both might carry out will leave no stones unturned!


Steamy and lusty, too much to handle but at the same time adventurous. If you aren’t a Capricorn yourself, submission will lead to your profit because your Capricorn partner’s domination will show you a different side of their sexual desires leaving you too wet to handle. 

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8. Sexual Thirst ages as fine wine

Caoricorns have a thing with their sexual thirst that gets stronger as they age. Making this the biggest green flag in any relationship because the sex and the thirst for sex is really important for the other partner to feel the heat.


Making every experience one of a kind is what a Capricorn aims for. 

9. Brings out their partner’s naughty side

Hearing this gives an instant turn on, doesn’t it? Well, being able to get naughty in bed together is the biggest kind of sexual intimacy.


It gives both the partners freedom to explore each other’s kinks and choices. Making every sex experience an erotic one will be like his move. So, sex with a Capricorn partner? Go pounce into them because it is gonna be a bumpy ride.

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10. Erogenous zones to catch up

The best way to turn on your Capricorn partner will be to play with their erogenous zones and make them restless. The lower back areas which primarily includes the thigh and the butt region are the target points and in no time, they will be weak on their knees.

Erogenous zones are a perfect way to excite your Capricorn partner and unfold their wild side. Now, what awaits is something you’d crave for a lifetime!


Here comes the wound up version of the things you need to know beforehand having sex with a Capricorn partner. This article will not only make you aware but help you understand and learn a lot about your Capricorn partner and also about the things you can do to make your sexual experience one of a kind because why not? Afterall, it’s a joint venture! So, just brush your eyes over the things stated and you’re good to go. 

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