11:11 gateway portal on 11th November 2022, know what to do

11:11 Gateway portal

11:11 gateway portal happens every year on 11th November. It is a powerful time when you must make the right choices and come across the transformation. Interestingly, it’s a doorway that opens and connects us to a higher realm. In the physical form, the shape of the number ‘1’ & ‘1’ forms a doorway, which means we can now enter a new era of creation, recognition, and transformation. Moreover, it illustrates that one period of life is ending, and there is a fresh start to a new one. Indeed, the 11:11 gateway portal is a beautiful gateway that allows us to find a balance between body and soul, between the 3D and the 5D world.

Numerological belief of the 11:11 gateway portal

Number ‘1’ is known as the ‘Sun’ number. It relates to new paths, beginnings, start overs, empowerment, new choices, and setting new intentions.

11:11 gateway portal also has the qualities of the number ’11,’ which is the master number and a strong digit having high vibrations. It symbolises faith, blessings, and enlightenment.

The 11:11 portal also brings balance to your life. It symbolises harmony, peace, fairness, justice, union, and equality.

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Significance of seeing 11:11

In this era, most of you see the number 11:11 on your watch, clock, calendar, mobile phone, car number, etc. Seeing this number almost anywhere indicates your spiritual awakening or receiving messages from guardian angels. Your ancestors or angels try to connect with you. It’s time when you should be more conscious and alert about the thoughts and signs you see. 

Those who are in twin flame journeys also see this 11:11 number frequently. 

The spiritual beings on the path of enlightenment or awakening of their higher self see this number as they are trying to connect with some other-dimensional realm. This number clearly indicates your expansion from an immature cocoon to a fully matured butterfly. 

How to optimise or tap into this energy? 

To reach the high-frequency energy of the 11:11 gateway portal, you must do these 11 things: 

  • Do an act of kindness: Donate something as per your will to any needy person. You can donate 11 food items or 1100 grams of grains.
  • Practice meditation: If you are a person who doesn’t practise meditation, then it’s time for you to start meditation. You can start with simple meditation for 11 mins. The best time will be 11:11 AM and PM. 
  • Pamper yourself: In today’s world, everyone is rushing and has no time for self-care. So, take out some time to take care of yourself. Eat healthy food, and follow a self-care routine. Spend time with your loved ones. 
  • Listen to relaxing music: Take care of your mind and soul. Therefore, listen to your favourite music or any relaxing to cool down your mind. 
  • Spend time with nature: Wherever you reach, you should not forget your roots. Thus, grounding is a must. Hence, perform activities like connecting with nature, going for a nature walk, watering plants, going for a trek, etc. 
  • Slowing down: Do your daily activities mindfully. It will help you to reflect on your thoughts and actions. 
  • Letting go: Learn the art of controlling your emotions. Let go of every little thing that no longer serves you. 
  • Stop overthinking: On this day, indulge yourself in activities you like. Distract yourself from overthinking and stress. Enjoy the highest vibration of the day.
  • Be conscious: Think before you speak and stay alert with your thoughts and actions. Moreover, on this day, you will receive many signs from the universe. So stay focused and pay attention to your intuition. 
  • Write a soul journey: Note your thoughts, signs, and messages in a journal. It will give you a powerful insight into the year ahead. Write 11:11 with a green pen on your left hand. 
  • Offer Gratitude: This is the most vital act. Pay gratitude for everything that you have. Be thankful for all the little things, joys, people, and emotions you have cherished so far. 

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11:11 gateway portal: Ritual to perform

Follow the steps mentioned to perform the ceremony correctly:

Things you need

  • Candles (Green) – 10
  • Candle (white) – 1
  • White paper – 1
  • Green pen – 1
  • Pink salt – 1 bowl
  • Closed room (to perform this ritual. No one should disturb you while you do it.)
  • Camphor – 11
  • Cloves – 11
  • Cinnamon powder – 11 grams
  • Bowl to burn a mixture – 1
  • Sigil of 11:11 – take a small piece of pink paper and write the number 11:11 on it with a green pen. 

Remember, the best time to perform this ritual is 11:11 AM or 11:11 PM.

Steps to perform the ceremony

Following are the steps that you must follow to perform the ritual correctly during the 11:11 gateway portal.


  • Firstly take a bowl and add 11 pieces of camphor, cloves, and 11 grams of cinnamon powder. 
  • Light it while it burns, and say the following prayer to cleanse the room where you will perform this ritual. 


“Dear God and Goddess, all the universal powers, I call upon your mercy, I call upon your protection. Cleanse me in and out. Cleanse my room in and out. Cleanse my house in and out. Cleanse anything that no longer serves me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


  • At first, make a circle ⭕ around a 15 cm radius, using pink salt on the floor (in the centre of the room). 
  • Then place all ten green candles inside the salt circle. (Do not touch the salt circle).

11:11 Manifestation

Take a white paper and write your name and date of birth on it. 

After that, write things you want to achieve in the coming time. 

Refer to the below-mentioned steps. 

Name – 

Date of birth – 

  • I am thankful I received ________ in 11 hours.
  • I am thankful I received ________ in 11 days.
  • I am thankful I received ________ in 11 weeks.
  • I am thankful I received ________ in 11 months.
  • I am thankful I received ________ in 11 years.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  • Hold this paper in your left hand and cover it with your right hand. At the same time, visualise all your wishes coming true. 
  • Imagine as if it is happening in reality in front of you.
  • Feel the happiness and joy you would feel when your wish gets fulfilled.
  • Now, open your eyes and fold the paper in your direction. 
  • Place the paper in the centre of the circle. (Do not touch the candles). 

Setting intention

  • Now take the sigil of 11:11 and place it on top of the white manifestation paper.
  • Furthermore, take a white candle and hold it in your hand. 
  • Set the right intention saying, “dear candle, help me fulfil my wishes. I know that as I light you, my manifestations will start working. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
  • Now place the white candle on top of the 11:11 sigil. 
  • Lastly, light the white candle.

Offering prayers 

  • While this ritual is taking place, chant your favourite mantra.
  • Health – White Tara or Maha mrityunjaya Mantra
  • For wealth – Yellow Tara Mantra or Lakshmi Mantra
  • For wish fulfilment – Green Tara Mantra or Ganesh Mantra
  • Visualise your wishes coming true.
  • Stay positive and happy.

Clearing up the set-up

  • You can sit until all the candles are put off or get up from the place after 11 mins. Let the ritual keep on going. 
  • Once all the candles get extinguished, the ritual is complete. 
  • Pick up the 11:11 sigil and the white manifestation paper under your pillow.
  • Collect the candle residue (if any wax is left over) and put it in plant pots or bury it underground. (You can do it the next day also).
  • Further, collect all the pink salt and flush it in the toilet, saying, “I flush all the negativity and blockages out of my life.” (Do not look back after flushing the salt).
  • Wash your hands and legs and cleanse yourself. 
  • Say thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lastly, stay optimistic and let this 11:11 ritual show its miraculous effects.

~Happy Healing with loads of Angel blessings 💫

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