4 Zodiac Signs Who Want Live In Relationship Over Marriage

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In the modern era, relationships have evolved, and so have the preferences of individuals when it comes to commitment. Astrology provides unique insights into these preferences, shedding light on why some zodiac signs may lean towards live-in relationships rather than traditional marriages. Let’s delve into the intriguing world of astrology and discover which zodiac signs are more inclined towards the concept of live-in partnerships.


Geminis, known for their dual nature, often prioritize freedom and adaptability in relationships. The idea of a live-in arrangement aligns well with their need for constant communication and varied experiences. This air sign values the exchange of ideas, and a live-in relationship allows them to maintain their social connections while enjoying the intimacy of a partnership.

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Sagittarians, represented by the archer, thrive on exploration and adventure. Committing to a traditional marriage might feel restrictive to their free-spirited nature. A live-in relationship offers the excitement and flexibility they crave, allowing them to continue their pursuit of knowledge and experiences without feeling tied down.

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Aquarians are known for their independent and unconventional approach to life. They value their freedom and resist conforming to societal norms. Opting for a live-in relationship aligns with their progressive mindset, allowing them to prioritize their individuality while still sharing their lives with a partner who respects their need for space.

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Libras, ruled by Venus, seek balance and harmony in their relationships. While they appreciate the idea of commitment, the formalities of marriage might seem less appealing. A live-in arrangement allows them to maintain balance in their lives, focusing on the quality of the relationship without the pressure of societal expectations tied to marriage.

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