5 Myths About Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Zodiac sign

People born between December 22- January 19 come under the Zodiac Sign of Capricorn. It also belongs to the earth element of Zodiac along with Taurus and Virgo. The Earth sign is all about being practical, self-reliant, stoic and ambitious. Personally, these people are relentless, practical, more into the discipline and socially fall into a significant & unique part of society.

Planet Saturn rules over the Zodiac sign Capricorn that represents the limits and space of time. In general, these people are more inclined towards games, books, and kitchen art. In addition, belongings of the imaginary realm such as Khayali Pulaav are no interest to them. For these mountain goats, it is all about good shoes, good food, good mood, and money. It makes them ” thank you, that it’ll be all”.

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn which represents the limits and space of time. One of the famous Astrologer Elisabeth Grace once said: “Capricorn is born with a keen awareness of this Earthly limitation and is thus determined to make things happen during its lifetime”.

Capricorn is one of the most common Zodiac signs, so people have different opinions to judge their personality. However, if we see practically each and every zodiac sign possess both positive and negative traits. We are no one to judge, we can just make assumptions that somewhere are of no use.

So, in this context lets talk about some of the myths about Capricorn Zodiac sign that most people have negatively imagined in their minds

Capricorns want to rule

As per the Capricorn traits, these people are very practical and ambitious. Moreover, they have an amazing amount of self-control. It’s their strength but sometimes people take it negatively and assume these people are very egoistic and want to control the life of others. This is totally a wrong concept, Capricorns are just over-possessive who always love to safeguard the interest of rather than thinking about themselves.

If somebody is thinking about you, it doesn’t mean that he wants to rule or take control over you. Capricorns are very good at giving advice especially to the people they love. There is nothing Capricorn cares more about their family and friends, so they will do anything to make their loved ones happy. What people think is controlling is actually their unconditional love.

Capricorns are Emotionless

Another myth about Capricorns that out of nowhere suits their personality, Capricorns are emotionless. It is completely a baseless statement that most of the people say about Caps. It is true that Capricorn doesn’t really like to display what they feel, but it doesn’t mean they are emotionless. As discussed above, they are family-loving people who like to spend most of the time in their own circle. This might be the reason they don’t gem up with the people easily showing them what they actually feel.

Discipline and reputation are very important for these people, so you will never see them doing stupid activities. However, if you are in their good books, they will reveal all things, their emotions, go out hanging with you etc. Everybody has emotions, it depends on person to person and the environment they feel comfortable in.

Myths about Capricorn

Capricorns are really boring

It’s a universal fact that you feel bored with a person who is quite serious and pretty responsible in nature. Capricorns are such people who will never compromise with their work at any cost. They are organised people who believe in management and want everything to stay on track but that doesn’t mean they are boring. Trust me, nobody is as funny and hilarious as Capricorn, it’s just their nature that sometimes doesn’t allow to mix up with the people easily.

Everybody has their own way to enjoy and have fun and Capricorns are no exception. They too like to have fun but they will rather prefer to stay under rules rather than letting themselves completely out forgetting all the things. However, if you make friends with the Capricorn you will not only enjoy but you will also get to know the real meaning of life.

Capricorns are never Satisfied

For Capricorn people, Sky is not the limit i.e they always want to achieve more and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Once they have set a benchmark, they will never stop until they achieve that milestone. In fact, they will love to learn more, go beyond and put bulks of knowledge in their bag. Capricorns are goal-oriented people, that is the reason most of the people think that they never get satisfied with anything. Actually, it’s their strength and the statement “they will never satisfy with anything is just a myth”.

This is the basic difference between Capricorn and the other Zodiac Signs as they are continuous learners who will not stop even after achieving success. However, they will feel horrible and be totally lost if they reached their goal and then had no one around to share it with. This quality makes them unique and stand out of the crowd.

Capricorns are afraid of taking risks

When we talk about the word risk, it could be related to physical risk or risk in business or something else. First, if we talk about the physical risks, seeing the traits of the Capricorn, they might have a second thought while taking a physical risk like Bungy Jumping, climbing a mountain etc. As we know these people believe in management so they will always think twice before doing any childish or stupid activity. However, it doesn’t mean that they are afraid of taking risks, in logical terms.

When it comes to taking a risk for career, job, Business, Capricorns are always up for that. Capricorn belongs to the 10th house of career, so they know what is best for them when it comes to their profession. They will surely take risks but with a motive of earning only profit. These people are leaders who always plan for the second step before taking the first one.

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