5 Players Who Can Be Purple Cap Winners in IPL 2022 As Per Astrology

Purple Cap Winners

As set forth by the BCCI, season 15 of the Indian Premier League shall begin on March 26. The very first match shall be between Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings, the defending champions. But, unlike the previous year’s IPL, two more teams are in the race of winning the IPL trophy in 2022. This, in turn, increases the bar to become one of the Purple Cap winners in IPL 2022.

Succeeding the trend, the Indian Premier League in 2022 would closely feature elite bowlers from countries all over. They shall face formidable challenges to players batting with their spins and pace.

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A Purple cap in the Indian Premier League is given to the players who take the most wickets. And, as per astrology, we have a few names that shall become the contenders of the Purple Cap winners in IPL 2022.

Indian Premier League: past purple cap winners

In each IPL season, not many players can take the Purple Cap title for their teams. However, players like Dwayne Bravo and Bhuvneshwar Kumar have attained the privilege to finish their games as leading wicket-takers twice in the previous 14 seasons of IPL.

But, with the introduction of two new teams, you shall see a new battle between the players to win the Purple Cap in IPL 2022.

Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah is the newly elected vice-captain for the Indian cricket team. And, in IPL 2022, he will play for Mumbai Indians. Technically seen, he ranks amongst the most loved spinners. And, being in the race of Purple Cap Winners 2022, he is on top.

Seen astrologically, Jasprit Bumrah has a Sagittarius zodiac sign. It makes him love order and decorum to the utmost level. Despite his generous nature, his balling line says a whole different story. Sagittarius zodiac sign people are desperately methodical. This is why the Jasprit Bumrah graph is mostly growing than taking a deaccelerating pace. He hasn’t won any Purple Caps in the previous seasons. However, the horoscope of Jasprit Bumrah says that he beholds high chances of winning one this year.

His best performance was in the previous season. In Season 14, the player took 21 wickets in 14 matches at a 7.45 economy. And, due to the same, even his team is expecting a lot from the lanky pacer in IPL season 15.

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Harshal Patel

Harshal Patel is another great player who has had the crowd’s eyes stuck on him since the last season of the Indian Premier League. Being from the Royal Challengers Bangalore, Harshal Patel proved himself as one of the greatest wicket-takers in season 14 of IPL. This is one of the reasons why he could be on the list of Purple Cap winners in IPL this year as well.

Seen from the astrology point of view, the zodiac sign of Harshal Patel is Sagittarius. It makes him the master of attaining success in whatever situation he is in. Being a Sagittarius native, he possesses confidence that could lead effortlessly to win a Purple Cap in the Indian Premier League. As per the horoscope of Harshal Patel, he would do well when on his own. Directions might make his game a little swayed. However, the right strategy shall help him take maximum wickets this IPL as well.

In the previous IPL season, the player took 32 wickets in 15 matches. And due to his incredible performance, he grabbed the most wicket-taker title in IPL season 14. Hopefully, this year under the captaincy of Faf, he would show an impactful inning in terms of wicket picking.

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Avesh Khan

Avesh Khan is a young player who allured everybody with his performance in the previous season of the Indian Premier League. Being the second-highest wicket-taker in IPL 2021, he showed the batsmen pavilion many times. So, the bowler has immense potential and holds a high chance to be one of the Purple Cap winners in IPL 2022.

From the astrology point of view, Avesh Khan is a Sagittarius. It makes him a motivating player with an attitude of never giving up. The young player loves to keep his hopes high, proving that he is a true Sagittarius. As per the horoscope of Avesh Khan, this IPL he would definitely perform well. By taking responsibility for taking maximum wickets, he will prove himself in the best way possible.

In the previous season, he impressed everybody by clinching 24 wickets, covering an average of 18.75. This IPL season, he will play for Lucknow Super Giants. And, winning the Purple Cap title for this new team would be something he will not miss the chance on.

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Rashid Khan

Next on the list of contenders for possible Purple Cap winners is Rashid Khan. He is the player who literally roars on the field. Rashid Khan never misses a chance to prove himself as an ace bowler. No wonder he ranks fifth in ICC’s best ranking bowlers. The player made his debut in the Indian Premier League in 2017 with Sun Risers Hyderabad. Since then, his graph has been accelerating for the best.

According to astrology, Rashid Khan belongs to the Virgo zodiac sign. Virgos are known for their sane nature. Therefore, the way he involves himself in the game is a treat to watch. Following a game of rules with a strong and determined attitude is what Rashid Khan is made of. And, all thanks to the zodiac sign he has! According to the horoscope of Rashid Khan, in IPL season 15, he would show his best performance to date. His excellent qualities will rule the game in the best way possible.

This IPL season, Rashid Khan will play for the new team Gujarat Titans. Being in a new team, he would have an outstanding opportunity to prove himself as a worthy baller. Also, the horoscope says that his skills would be extremely promising not just for himself, but also for his team in Indian Premier League 2022.

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Kagiso Rabada

Kagiso Rabada has been one of the Purple Cap winners of IPL 2020. His performance had been awe-striking in IPL 2019, 2020, and 2021. Consecutively three years and he has shown what he has got! Kagiso Rabada shocked his fans with the way he balls many times. This makes him a tough contender to win a Purple Cap in IPL 2022 as well.

According to astrology, Kagiso Rabada is a Gemini person. Geminis are known for their diplomatic nature. But, despite their flickering mind, they are ruling the thing given to them. In the case of Kagiso Rabada, he puts his all into proving himself. This quality shows how determined he is towards his game. As per the horoscope of Rabada, he will definitely shine in IPL 2022. His decisions in the balling pattern would be all thought through. Not just this, his judgment during the game to wicket off the players will be worth seeing.

Kagiso Rabada took 25 wickets in IPL 2019 and 15 in IPL 2021. However, his best performance was in the 2020 Indian Premier League when he took the most wickets and won Purple Cap for his team Delhi Capitals. This year, Rabada will play for Punjab Kings and shall be in good form to prove himself as the best baller in the league.

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