5 Warnings That You Are Ageing At A Faster Pace


OMG, you are getting older now!! Nobody wants to hear these words but unfortunately, its the reality which everyone is bound to face one day. No matter how much we try to hide it from the outside world, but we all the actual reality inside. One of the amazing things about the human body is that it gives us clues about our inner self after and ageing after a certain time.

Getting Older! it is not a thing of embarrassment but many people consider ageing as a shame despite knowing actual reality. Humans have a lifecycle which starts from birth. During the time, we go through certain phases of life i.e childhood, young age, old age and finally death. Our whole life sums up during these stages of our overall lifespan.

A person’s biological age has a great effect on how they look, that is why people of the same age can look younger or older than they really are. Scientists believe that the rate at which you age depends mostly on external factors and not on genetics. More than 8% of people in the world have ageing issues and their biological age looks higher than their chronological age.

So, in this context lets talk about some of the signs or warnings that indicate that you are ageing too fast than your actual age.

Red Eyes

Red eyes or bulkiness near the eyes can be a sign of early ageing and can lead to inflammation. Chronic red eyes is a cellular process that causes inflammation in joints and can also lead to several age-related diseases such as Osteoarthritis.

Ways to prevent:

  • Eat Green vegetables
  • Antioxidant Capsules
  • Alkaline fruits
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Walnuts and Almonds

Wrinkles and Patchy Skin

Wrinkles, one of the major signs that show you are growing older now. When your skin seems like falling apart with a lot of dryness and sagging on the surface of your skin is a normal sign of ageing. Wrinkles on the skin may occur due to unhealthy diet, makeup or cosmetic products or you may be because you are not getting too much oxygen.

Ways to Prevent:

  • Drink hot water with lemon every morning
  • Avoid the usage of cosmetic or beauty products
  • Eat cabbage it increases Vitamin C and helps your skin to glow
  • Turmeric contains powerful antioxidant and helps to prevent Osteoarthritis.
  • Eat nuts, almonds and other dry fruits.

Loss of Smell

Surprisingly! loss of smell can also be a major symptom of early ageing. It’s a body disorder that starts slowly but it becomes a worse problem afterwards if not taken care properly. When you difficultly in smelling something, it means your losing the stiffness of nose. It gives rise to a change in speech and muscular imbalance.

Ways to Prevent:

  • Hold an open rubbing-alcohol swab by your belly button and slowly raise it to your nose. 
  • Eat foods with 60% of alpha-lipoic acid
  • Spanish increases your smelling power
  • Take the Alzheimer’s smell test

Often Feeling Stressed

Unusual stress, tiredness or getting worried even about little things can also be a sign of your fast ageing. Stress is linked to chronic fatigue syndrome that makes you feel much older than you are. It can also lead to certain heart diseases in which your body releases certain fluids which can become one of the main reasons for your early ageing.

Ways to Prevent:

  • Take control of your diet
  • Use the Beauty Detox plan to slow down, or even reverse, ageing. 
  • Exercise is the best way to release stress from your body
  • Spend some time alone with yourself
  • Just focus on the positive aspects of life.
Astrology and Ageing

Bumped Toes

You might have often seen unusual hairs growing near your toes or certain cracks that might be a sign of early ageing. Upward bump near the toe can be an indication of lung cancer which is also known as “Digital Clubbing“. It means that your body is not getting much oxygen as required. It also causes weakness in bones, affects the circulation of blood and also creates problems in walking and running.

Ways to Prevent

  • Make the use of The Beauty Detox Foods
  • Avoid the intake of Caffeine
  • Eat food with the excess presence of enzymes
  • Apply lemon with a mixture of turmeric every morning on your toes
  • Walk or Run for almost 1 hour every day

Astrology and Ageing

Astrology has the answers when every medicine fails, Astrology is there for you. Saturn, Jupiter, Ketu and Pluto are the main planets that give symptoms of your early ageing.

Saturn: It is considered as the Grandpa among all the planets and one of the main planets that lead to early ageing. Bad effects of Saturn can become of a reason for hair fall, dryness of skin, wrinkles and in turn, makes the native looks older than his actual age.

Jupiter: A strong Jupiter along with Moon makes a person look beautiful. However, if your Jupiter is weak, it can cause some serious ageing issues. It causes skin diseases, changes in skin tone, weakness in bones, problems while sleeping etc.

Ketu: Ketu in the ascendant is responsible for early signs of ageing and greying of hair. You may experience some white hairs even in childhood or change in the overall structure of the body. All the skin diseases are created by Ketu to some extent.

Some Astrological Remedies

  • Turmeric is the best anti- ageing solution. Many exert Astrologers recommend adding Turmeric to your diet especially with Milk.
  • Avoid washing face with soap instead use pure Multani Mitti or Tumeric paste.
  • Offer Surya Namaskar. It is the best Mantra to stop your body from getting older too quickly.
  • Worship Shani Dev to please the planet Saturn and get rid of its negative impacts.
  • Eat pulses and green leafy vegetables. 
  • For women, avoid the usage of cosmetic and beauty products on your skin
  • If any of your above-mentioned planets are weak, completely avoid taking any type of cosmetic or plastic surgery.
  • Wear a Gemstone after proper consultation from Astrologer.

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