Can Signature Reveal Your Personality?


Signature is basically a graph or an outline of our life. It is the reflection of our true nature and tells a lot of things about our character, personality, traits, strengths, weaknesses, etc. The way we sign shows the consistency of our thoughts and also represents our capability when it comes to signing an important document or an agreement. Moreover, it also reveals how we are going to introduce ourselves in front of the public, be it at the workplace or school.

Signature is the identity that determines the pattern of events in our life. You can also say it is a minimum set of letters that tells maximum information about a person. However, it doesn’t exactly tell how a person you are. But it can give an overview of your personality.

For example, a signature leaning to the right reveals that the person is quite friendly who loves to hang out with new people. All these things are revealed through Signature Analysis which is one of the most effective ways to know about a person, his character and personality.

Signature Analysis

Signature Analysis is a tool of Graphology that represents the mentality of a person. Graphologists say Signature Analysis is the best way by which we can understand the future of a person. This analysis does not tell about your personality but also helps you in choosing an appropriate signature for you.

When you are about to sign a particular document always make an impression in your mind, then stimulates your fingers otherwise it might lead you bad situations. The art of putting a signature in a better way to attract luck after the proper analysis is called Signaturology.

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A normal signature is usually placed on the right side below the written text. Placement of the signature on the left side indicates that a person usually wants to avoid difficult situations. If the signature is narrow and small it means that a person is under depression and most of the time remains ill.

Different Signatures and Personality

Let us now discuss different signatures and what they reveal about the personality traits of a person.

Decorative Signature: This type of signature indicates that a person is egoistic and represents everything in a very dramatic way.

Illegible Signature: If a person’s handwriting is smooth and when he signs it looks quite illegible and difficult to understand. It indicates that a person is mysterious and generally tries to keep the secrets within himself. These types of people are not at all trustworthy.

Small Signature: When the signature is small and narrow, it means that the person is humble and thinks more about his family and friends. However, these people remain ill most of the time.

Large Signature: When the sign is large and occupies too much space, it means that the person is very ambitious. These people are quiet workaholic and focus more on their work and business.

Expanded Signature: When your sign is more expanded and in the bold font, it means you want attention all the time. These people love to be the center of attraction wherever they go. However, they are quite irritating and sometimes a bit confused too.

Encircled Signature: The circle around the signatures indicates that the writer loves to remain in his own little world. These people are more into themselves and you will hardly see them interacting with the people. Lost in their own imaginative world.

Abbreviated Signature: When the person signs his first name, it means he is quite self-centered. This applies to signatures on important documents only and not personal letters or greetings.

Signature reveals your personality

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Some other types of Signatures

Till now we have discussed some normal and common types of signatures which you generally see in your day to day life. Now let’s discuss some unique types of signatures that you will hardly see among the people.

Break After First Letter: The person who takes a break after the first letter of the sign means that a person has initial communication problems, fears, and inhibitions. These people are usually afraid of speaking at large public gatherings, meetings or crowded places. It’s not easy to understand what they actually want to convey.

Name as Signature: The people who just write their name in their sign without trying to introduce some sort of new design. These people are very grounded and simple. They do not think about the world and enjoy life in their own flow.

Sign With Angular Connections: A signature with angular connections implies that the person has a very strong personality. These people are very competitive who want to succeed in every sphere of life. However, if things don’t go their way, they become aggressive too.

Underlining Crossing signature: This type of sign indicates that the person loves sacrifices and always give preference to others interest. These people love donating things, charity and work for the welfare of the people. This is the reason they are always blessed by God in terms of wealth.

Dots At The End: You might have seen many people putting one or two dots at the end of their sign. Two dots at the end represent your romantic nature. These people give more importance to beauty and are more into sensual things.

Dot Below Signature: Dot below the underline of the signature is a symbol of luck. These people are quite lucky when it comes to signing any important document or an agreement.

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Tips For A Good Signature

  • Always sign in a slanting way. It attracts good luck.
  • Always begin the sign with the first letter of your name.
  • It’s better to use blue ink for while signing.
  • Don’t use too much of capital letters in a signature.
  • There should not be too much of gap between surname and the personal name.
  • Always use your original handwriting while signing.

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