Ways To Start Manifesting More Money

Start manifesting more money

While everyone is attracted to learn about the law of attraction for a distinctly different reason, one of the most common motivations probably is a desire to manifest more money. Well, phylosophers tell money can’t buy happiness. I agree. However, money is like a security wheel of life. In the data-driven and self-seeking narcissistic world, it is a shield for a person to survive better and provide better to their family.

When the money doesn’t flow well in life, there is a danger that it will ooze into other aspects of your life too. As a matter of fact, money is a highly topic with an emotional context. Also, how well it flows is determined by your relationship with money. Once you get into a lacking way of thinking it generates a downward, vicious spiral.

So, if you are not feeling filled with enough and wish to make manifest more money, here’s the simple secret for you.

Gratitude is The Key

In the world, over 25,000 people die of hunger every day. Whereas, 1 of 5 Millenials commit suicide due to debts.

Be thankful for the financial transaction that you currently have. Little or huge, each penny counts. Soak thankfulness from them in the monetary form. A great way of attracting wealth is to practice gratitude for it. Offer gratitude for all the small and big things you receive in your life. It is a great scheme to catch prosperity. The vibrational frequency of thankfulness grasp more positive things and opportunities in our life.

In addition, you can maintain a gratitude journal for the same. Mention clearly the past experience on the left side pages. On the other hand, use the present tense and add thanks for the current abundance.

Value for Money

Universe has a law, it sends you more of whatever you focus on. It likes to send you much of what you are working on, appreciating and being able to do. So get your money handled like a good friend. Speak of it loudly. Give it a nice place to float in. By doing so, be accountable. Don’t just keep in a corner or on the ground. Treat it like a queen, bear the tantrums and fulfill all its requirements. Make it look pretty. Your money will respect you as much as you respect your money.

In addition, don’t leave it unsafe. Create a safe space for your money in your home. Even if you don’t have a tremendous amount of money, make space for it. When celestials see you preparing for it, the fortune will itself come to you.

Honestly, dreaming is not enough. Nothing will work until you would.

Feng Shui Tips for Wealth

Alongside working on yourself, you can trust Feng Shui. Try the following tips by expert Astrologers

Feng Shui tips for wealth
  • The front gate of a house is the path of energy flow. Therefore, it has to be strong. Put some Feng Shui protection symbols on the door. Also, keep the door clean, and keep dustbin & old pots away from it.
  • Decorate your home with Feng Shui fountain. Along with this, you can add dragon turtle, laughing Buddha, Chinese coins, the money plant, and wealth ships at your home.
  • A home free from dust and dirt welcomes wealth automatically. Thus, you should always keep your house clutter clean.
  • You should always keep a specific money area at your home. Typically, it should be a place where you maintain and manage your financial work.
  • Further, you can always keep wealth symbols like wealth ships to attract abundance.
  • In addition, colors at your home play an important role in attracting wealth. Colors like purple, white and beige are a source of attracting great positive energies.
  • Side by side, crystals, fish symbols (pot or aquarium) is also helpful in luring fortune.

Clarity about Money- Why and How Much

  • Why do you need money?– Vagueness is dangerous. A person with a vague idea of money could never use the money in a correct manner. They’d always end up with the wrong decision. Thus, before the numbers pop up in your bank account. Ya must be ready with a master plan on where you wish to spend this amount. For instance, be sure if you wish to purchase a house, a car, or take a trip to a beautiful destination or invest in a business to make a profit further.
  • How much money do you need?– Now once you have a clear idea of why you need money, specify the amount needed. When you know the aim, you know the value of that money. Further, sit back and analyze how much amount would you need to operate a year. Make a spreadsheet. It helps a lot. Fix the number. Later, get back to the process of making that much amount.

Believe in Abundance

Not like Fake it till you make it. However, you are what you think. Firstly, act wealthy (not spend money unnecessarily).

Well, it is the basic law of attraction. You get whatever you really wish for deep in your heart amalgamated with how much you prepare for it. Your desires should be extremely clear. The mindset is significant. Abundance doesn’t fall to a person who doesn’t practice of wealth and one who has a mindset of a poor. By this, I don’t mean that you should spend money for no reason. Nonetheless, you must enjoy the luxury of the small things in the money you currently have. Additionally, treat yourself with the desired luxury once in a while. It is important to make your inner self believe in abundance.

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