5 Zodiac Signs Who Live For Drama

zodiac signs who love drama

Let’s face it, our lives aren’t as interesting as we hoped they would be. In fact, it is not even as fun as we pretend for it to be on our social media. We live the same routine lives every day – work, eat, sleep and repeat. When you live the same life every day, it really does take the enthusiasm out of you, doesn’t it? Well, that’s not the case with our 5 most dramatic zodiac signs. These zodiac signs are highly expressive, loud and always have something scandalous to say or do. It might be a bother to have such people in your life at times but they can be rather amusing too. Because what is life without a little drama and gossip? Here’s our exclusive list of zodiac signs who love drama and are the biggest drama queens!

1. Leos

It would be criminal not to start this list with Leos. Search up the word extravagant on Google and you probably will find “Leo” listed as a synonym. The fire signs crave attention like none other. They believe that they should be under the spotlight at all times and they are actually quite right. Their gimmicks, mannerisms and stories deserve an audience. It may be all fun and games to be around a Leo but a word of advice – never take their stories at face value. They can make mountains out of molehills. So, chances are the story they are feeding you is not even remotely close to the truth. We don’t know if Leo deserves to be the king of all zodiac signs but they sure did earn the crown for the most dramatic zodiac sign.

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2. Cancer

Cancerians are very emotional and sensitive people. They are easily hurt by the smallest of issues. And a hurt Cancer is probably the most dramatic person you will ever see. They will cry, wail, blackmail and threaten you. They will break up with you and come crying back to you in seconds. It’s really almost a rollercoaster ride having them in your life. The zodiac sign also makes up health issues to garner attention and sympathy. They want to know if people truly care about them and what better way to do so than to pretend you’re sick and frail and in desperate need of attention.

3. Scorpio

Scorpios are really intense people. In fact, they are so tenacious that you will not be able to spot them with people who do not exude the same level of energy. They take everything to the extreme – whether it be love or friendship. A Scorpio best friend will be hurt if you start getting close to some else. A Scorpio lover will always demand full and undivided attention. Their demands are many and usually very dramatic. But have you really seen drama if you haven’t experienced a Scorpio’s wrath? An angry Scorpio stings in a way that you remember the wound forever. They are cruel, relentless and frankly quite scary. Their temper tantrum is surely something you wouldn’t want to experience.

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4. Gemini

Geminis are very expressive people. They are an open book to everyone. So, it might be obvious to you from the very beginning that Geminis can be a bit of a drama queen. Their reactions are always a little over the top. And they exaggerate everything simply for the heck of it. In fact, Geminis love drama so much that they actually stir up trouble between people. They simply seem to live for the hysterics. No wonder Geminis have made such a permanent spot for themselves in the list of zodiac signs who are the biggest drama queens.

5. Virgo

Virgos are perfectionists and they expect everyone around them to live up to such high standards as well. It is their quest for perfection and perfect people that have earned them a spot on the most dramatic zodiac signs. Virgos are very bossy and critical of people but they don’t take it so lightly when the tables are turned. A Virgo cannot accept criticism if it is constructive in nature. When their mistakes are pointed out that is when the real drama starts. They get defensive and throw hissy fits. Virgos will indulge in as many theatrics as possible to ensure they are not the ones getting blamed for something they very clearly did.

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