Decoding 5G: Things About Technology 2020

Decoding 5G: Things About Technology 2020


Due to increasing internet users from the past few years, 5G has increasingly become a subject of interest. Startups have been increasingly investing in the 5G technology. From the past decade, high tech companies have proficiently put their R&D department to work in the making of 5G.

But, now that the 5G technology has become a reality. In United States, users have already got their hands on the latest technology. In India, the launch of 5G technology is scheduled for 2020.

Nowadays, 4G has become a household name, but people are still unaware of 5G. For them, there would take up more interesting knowing the 5G smartphones rather than knowing about this revolutionary technology. Before knowing what, this new technology holds for us. Let’s get into details about it’s functioning.

Being the next generation of mobile broadband, 5G will enable users to download at a faster speed, much higher than 4G. Recently, Apple has also been in the news for taking up Intel’s business modem business for $1 billion with the vision of doubling down with their smartphone technologies.

Distinct Spectrum-

With high speed internet services to their users at an explicit speed. This technology will be launched in three different spectrum.

Low Band Spectrum-

Alternatively known as the 1G spectrum. Commonly this spectrum is used in United States for LTE. Users will be able to operate this service at a speed of 100 Mbps. Explicitly, using this technology, T-Mobile has also emerged itself in this field.

The company is building the 5G networks by picking up a spectrum of 600 MHz. Vision of T-Mobile is to use this technology due to its capability of covering a wide area as well as the outside-in coverage area.

Mid Band Spectrum-

On this spectrum, users could expect an internet service at a speed of 1 Gbps. This spectrum offers a higher coverage than the low band one. Sprint Cooperation, an American telecommunications company is the playing a key role in offering 5G. The company will use a Beamforming technology to improve the 5G efficiency on mid band.

High Band Spectrum-

Alternatively known as the mmWave. This spectrum is designed to offer users with a higher speed internet service at a speed of 10 Gpbs. Leading companies like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, have stepped into revolutionizing the 5G technology more.

Their primary purpose behind such action is to provide users with an effective speed and offer them a higher coverage. For this they will be using a stem cell technology.

New spectrum brands are expectedly offering their services at a speed of 24GHz to 50GHz. Merging beamforming and stem cells, will give businesses a boost in covering a larger market share.

different sectors

Functioning in different sectors-

With 5G coming into effect, various industries will notice a difference in their functioning and operations.

5G in Growth In Medical Field-

5G in the medical field will turn out to be fruitful not only for the businesses but also for the patients. Patients living in rural areas, will now have the access to the home monitoring systems.

To provide them with better facilities, they will now be able to talk to the doctor on a video call, and can also have the required prescriptions.

5G will also be helpful in brain scanning and other image scans by decoding extremely large files. Moreover, merging 5G with Augmented Reality(AR), spatial computing and Virtual Reality (VR), healthcare industries will be able to resolve complex medical scenarios, whilst also solving extreme medical cases.

5G in Revolutionizing Automobile Industry-

Alternatively known as the transformative technology, 5Gwill outline the functioning and development of other technologies. These technologies will range from household devices to vehicle sensors.

5G will also bring a boost to the companies who are in the process of developing the self-driving cars.

This latest technology will pay way for vehicles to have driver assistance systems and bring even more autonomy in them. Certainly, on road vehicles will be able to communicate with other vehicles and will effectively provide information about the road conditions and performance.

industrial sector

5G in Boosting the Industrial Sector-

Merging this new technology with IoT will provide operators with more distinct revenues. In the coming years approximately, 10 leading sectors are expected to use 5G in their businesses in the next few years.

With merging 5G technology with digitization, manufactures will get their hands-on higher flexibility and also save time in typical moderation, layout changes and factory floor production reconfiguration.

Operators will also be able to address effective design and planning systems, field devices and automation systems.

5G To Turn Smart Cities into Reality-

5G is expected to play significant role in the smart city development. Innovations will start taking place by using the technology to improve communication gaps between city officials and residents. It will also play a vital role in development of wireless infrastructure.

Businesses will improve their cost saving via this technology. This will enable cities to have smart building and also smart metering systems.

energy systems

5G in Efficient Energy Systems-

Integrating 5G mobile internet services into the energy sector will enable businesses to develop smart energy consuming devices. More electronic devices will be placed at homes in the coming years. Businesses will be able to develop smarter meter grids. These smart grids will effectively reduce the unexpected downtime.

Businesses are proficiently investing in their R&D department to develop smart electrical grids, smart utility metering stands. With a vision of delivering massive benefits to the energy distributors, average consumers and environment.

5G will deliver tremendous benefits in different sectors. Astrology predictions suggest, this technology will effectively influence and enrich lives of others in the coming years.

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