6 Zodiac Signs Who Could Cheat In Relationships

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Cheating in relationships has become quite a common phenomenon in this day and age of speed dating. Prospective lovers are only one right swipe away from us. All it takes to woo anyone is one quick conversation and a couple of drinks. It is now much easier to cheat on your partner than to stay faithful until the very end. Even if we have not been the victim of infidelity, we at least know someone who has. And how can we not talk about cheating scandals among celebrity couples? After all, they are the ones who made the act so mainstream. But why does anyone cheat and how can you identify such cheaters? While the ‘why’ is still a mystery to us, we can at least help answer the ‘how’. Here is our exclusive scoop on 7 unfaithful zodiac signs.

“Cheating” and “unfaithfulness” are very vague terms. We all have our own definitions of it. For some, cheating is talking to someone else late into the night and deleting the proof the next day. Some may consider it cheating if you harbour romantic feelings for someone new. And for others still, cheating is only when you bed someone. Being cheated on is a horrible, terrible feeling. It makes us feel small, hollow, and empty inside. So, learn of these 7 unfaithful zodiac signs likely to cheat time and again in relationships.

1. Pisces

It must be a shocker to see this list of zodiac signs who cheat start out with Pisces but there’s no running away from the truth. Pisces is one of the kindest souls. They are generous, warm, and affectionate but they can be extremely flakey when it comes to relationships. Pisces wants a partner that has no flaws and since someone like that doesn’t exist you can rarely find them fully content in their relationships. If you get into an altercation with Pisces their mood will immediately turn sour and they will begin to question the importance of the relationship. And there’s no saying what an unhappy and pissed-off Pisces can do. Pisces is always known to stray whenever they find themselves bored of relationships. Instead of taking the higher road, they will resort to infidelity every time.

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2. Aries

Aries lives for adventure and excitement. They are hardly ever satiated with a committed relationship. It doesn’t matter if their affair is a loving one, if they find someone who piques their interest, Aries will pursue them. The unfaithful zodiac sign is known to have multiple romantic partners at a time. And truth be told, they sort of enjoy watching their partners hurt over them. Cheating comes so naturally to Aries that they do not even bother hiding their affairs from their significant other. The star sign also gets bored easily. If their lover cannot keep things interesting in conversation and between the sheets, they will feel no remorse whatsoever from venturing outside of the relationship.

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3. Libra

Ruled by Venus, the planet of everything love and lust, Libra tends to be very romantic and sexual in nature. To them, every romantic relationship is a delicate touch away from losing footing. So, when the scales are imbalanced, they set out in pursuit of recreations. A Libra will only cheat if they feel like they are not getting much out of their romance. When it comes to matters of the heart, Libra wants everything even if they need more than one person to satisfy all their desires. Libra truly feels guilty for cheating on their partner so they try their best to hide their adultery. Unfortunately, this only makes them seem worse when the truth comes to light.

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4. Leo

Leo needs to be the center of attention at all times. If the spotlight isn’t on them, they will seek out a stage where they are the star of the show. So, you can only imagine how Leos behave when they are in a relationship. The fire sign wants their partner to be all about them. Leo wants to be the most important person in their lover’s life, even if their partner does not hold the same significance in their life. That doesn’t sound fair, but honesty isn’t why Leo ended up on this list of zodiac signs that cheat. Leo will not think twice before wandering if they feel like they are being ignored. And if cheating is something they have to do to get their partner’s attention, you best believe they are going to go for it.

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5. Gemini

Gemini’s partners classify them like the zodiac sign that is most likely to cheat. The star sign which finds itself symbolized by twins has wildly contrasting characteristics. While one sister looks to build meaningful relationships, the naughtier twin has wild oats to sow. Gemini is a social butterfly so they find it easy to form alliances with everyone they meet. And since people can’t get enough of their bubbly nature, the world is their oyster. They can pick just about anybody to have an affair with them. The star sign is also very needy so if are not getting what they want from their relationship they will not hesitate to find someone who can quench their thirst.  

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6. Scorpio

Scorpios are very loyal and they genuinely enjoy being in a committed relationship. So, why ever would Scorpio be classified as one of the unfaithful zodiac signs? Well, the reasoning is complex. Almost as complicated as the water sign itself. The problem is Scorpios are very distrusting. They are perpetually wary of their partners. All it takes to tick off Scorpio is to come back home reeking of somebody else’s cologne or perfume. They will automatically assume the worst of them without even bothering to listen to any logic or reason. And since nobody can be worse than a Scorpio spurned in love, it is almost a guarantee that they will seek solace in the shoulders of someone else. Scorpios cheat only when they have revenge on their mind.

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