7 Tips For Celebrating Holi In A Unique Way

Tips for Holi

Undoubtedly, Holi is one of the most auspicious festivals of India. A festival of colours, happiness, joy whole country celebrates with full enthusiasm as per their customs and rituals. It also marks the end of the winter season and people welcome spring by throwing colourful powders at each other, drenching themselves in water with a lot of excitement and fun.

The celebration of Holi completely depends on Phalguna Purnima(full moon). This year Holi is going to be celebrated on 9th and 10th March 2020. Every year people plan for something different to make this day more memorable. Some go out with their friends, some prefer to stay with their family. While most people usually like to be on the streets throwing colours at each other. In fact, each and every person have their own way to cherish and enjoy their own type of Holi.

2020, Holi is around the corner, everybody must be ready to put up some blast and make this festival more memorable and unforgettable. So, here are certain ways by which you can celebrate this Holi in a unique and more enjoyable way.

Choosing Of Colours On Holi

Holi is all about colours, so you need to be very careful while choosing colours as some colours might prove harmful for you. While buying colours, always give preference to natural colours rather than wasting money on chemicals. Colours with a large number of chemicals and medical oxidants can damage your hair, skin and even clothes. These chemicals have the power to affect the top layer of your skin which causes pimples, rashes and burning of the skin etc. Always choose eco-friendly natural colours


No doubt, Holi has its own importance in every state of India, but in North India, it holds more significance. If you are planning to celebrate this Holi in a unique way, you must plan a trip to places like Rajasthan, Delhi, Mathura and Varanasi. Here, you can enjoy the real flavours of Holi and also it will help you to know about the different customs of Holi at these places. But before packing your bags, research properly and minimise the risks of falling in any trap or unwanted behaviour from strangers. 

DJ, Music

Agree on it or not, but Music adds more butter to any festival or function. So, when its the time of Holi, how can you forget the fun and exciting music of this vibrant festival. However, it’s not like you play any type of music, every festival its own traditional rules which you need to respect. So, always bring a Dj who can mix Bollywood music to traditional Hindi songs. Good soundtrack puts more life and makes the event a grand success. This is one of the best ways by which you can celebrate Holi 2020 in a different and quite unique manner.

Clothes on Holi

You always want to look different while going out for an event or function. No doubt wearing attractive clothes makes you the centre of attraction but this logic doesn’t work in case of Holi. If you really want to enjoy Holi to the fullest, it’s advised to wear white or light coloured clothes. Wear such clothes on which colour stand out, it might be old clothes which you don’t usually wear on normal days. Make sure to wear loose-fitting clothes so you feel comfortable even after getting fully drenched in water. However, according to Astrology, Red, Orange, Green coloured clothes are highly recommended.

Colours for Holi

Personal Items

Holi is an outdoor festival with a huge crowd throwing colours at each other. If you are planning to enjoy the real flavours of Holi, carry as little as you can, like some money and mobile. I recommend you, not to carry any personal item, as you might miss the real enjoyment. However, if there is an important item such as a handbag or something else, wrap it in a plastic or waterproof bag so that it doesn’t get damaged. My advice for you, just enjoy forgetting all the things and make this day memorable for your lifetime.

Document The Fun

Holi is all about making memories, so it’s better to combine all the Holi celebrations in a single picture. Here I mean, posting it on social media, tagging your relatives who are sitting thousands of miles away from you so that they will also get a homely feeling. You can also hire a photographer who can document the event and later when you see the whole celebration combined in a single document, you will get to know how you made this Holi the best of all.

Some Tips To Celebrate Safe and Healthy Holi

  • Drink Plenty of Water
  • Use Organic Colours
  • Apply sunscreen on the skin especially on the face
  • Do not apply colour near the eyes, mouth or lips
  • Apply an excess amount of oil on hair before going out to play Holi
  • Do not play with colours if you are Asthama patient
  • Do not apply Kerosene to remove the colour. Instead, make use of Kitchen utensils
  • Never allow children to play with colour on the streets
  • Do not throw colour on plants and animals.

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