Holi 2020- Astrological Significance and Remedies

Holi 2020- Astrological Significance

Holi is one of India’s most widely embraced festivals that is also known as the Festival of Colors. It is the festival of happiness, hope and the victory of good over bad. It marks a period of gain as harvests are in full bloom at this time around. It’s also a symbol of change.

The movement of Moon decides when Holi shall fall in any year, and therefore there is no fixed calendar date for this festival. This year Holi shall fall on March 10th, 2020.

The Legend

A very interesting legend of Holi is as follows-

Hiranyakaship, the infamous demon King ended up having a son named Prahlad who was a devotee of Lord Vishnu, much against his father’s desires. This infuriated the King to no ends. Despite his grave warnings, Prahlad did not budge from his devotion.

Finally, King Hiranyakaship decided to kill his own son but couldn’t despite his best efforts. Lord Vishnu always seemed to save the child. He sought help from Holika who was blessed by Lord Brahma to be immune from Fire. She sat with Prahlad in her lap in a blazing fire and ended up getting burned herself due to the wrath of Lord Vishnu.

Also, Hindus believe that Lord Krishna started the use of colors as a symbol for ending discrimination amongst people based on skin.

The Festival

Holi 2020- Astrological Significance

Holika Dahan is the most common form of the Holi celebration in Northern India. Wood and dried leaves are used for this purpose. Fire is created which marks the beginning of the festival.

People celebrate by gathering in groups and applying Gulaal (powdered colors) to each other. Colors are symbolic too. Green represents peace and energies whereas Red is the symbol of sensuality. Water balloons and water guns are enjoyed by children too.

Astrological Significance

The movement of the Moon decides the onset of the Holi season. This is a very energetic time as Moon lies in the cusp of signs Leo and Virgo while Sun has a simultaneous position in the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces. The season begins as Vernal equinox approaches. The day of Holi is known as Phalguna Purnima (full moon).

On this day, Various Tantric Pujans and Totkas also take place at numerous places. Astrologer considers this an excellent day to perform Pujans related to Vaastu on this day.

Every individual should Recite mantras related to the deities he or she worships on this day as each recitation is believed to give 10 times the positive impact on this day. Particularly, reciting the mantra ‘Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaye’ is very auspicious on this day.

Holi Astrological Remedies

Holi is a very auspicious day and very intense planetary energies are active on this day. Therefore, you can benefit from the following remedies on this day :

Remedy for Evil Eye

On the day of Holi, you can remove any evil eye on your home or a family member including yourself. Buy some jaggery and black thread. Visit a hanuman temple on this day. Offer jaggery to Lord Hanuman and place the black thread in the feet of the deity. Recite a mala (108 recitations) of this mantra ‘Om Hanumate Namah‘ and then wear the black thread in your neck. You can also tie some of this thread to the main door of your house to cast any evil eye away.

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Remedy for Health

For the good health of your family, get five Gomti Chakras and a few grains of rice. Place them in a red cloth and rotate them anti-clockwise 7 times each around the head of family members. Then offer this in running water.

Remedy to Embrace Love

For an improved married life and to enhance love with your partner, take 7 Gomti Chakras. Sit together while placing the Chakras on a red cloth in front of you. Both of you should Recite ‘Om Draam Dreem Draum Sah Shukraye Namah’ 108 times. Then keep this cloth containing Chakras in an almirah/cabinet in your bedroom. It is one of the unfailing Holi Astrological Remedies

Remedy to Combat Enemy

This is a very good day for making anyone like a difficult boss, a colleague or even a noisy neighbor in your favor. Write his or her name with red Chandan on a Bhojpatra and dip this in a bottle of honey. Recite Baglamukhi Chalisa and keep this bottle in your home temple. You will experience amazing changes.

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