Author: Astrologer Dr Armaan Sharrma

Big Boss 13 Winner- Revealed

The clock of Bigg Boss 13 is ticking and we’re walking slowly to the final round of the show. However, we know the show has just begun, but, what if we tell you that {…}

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Diwali 2019 Horoscope- Diwali Date and Kundli

The prosperous festival of light and color, Diwali brings string of happy faces, bright streets, and glowing sky. Diwali is all about worshipping the God and Goddess of fortune and escalate joy. Diwali 2019 {…}

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Dhanteras 2019- Buy these things to Please Lord Kuber and bring wealth

Dhanteras/ धनतेरस mark the beginning of 5 days Diwali festival. It is the first day of the celebration which is typically dedicated to Lord Kubera. The occasion is popular by numerous names like Dhanvantari {…}

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